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Malaysian Canadians
Margaret Lim, a Malaysian Canadian children's writer
Total population
12,165 (2006)
Regions with significant populations
Ontario, British Columbia

A Malaysian Canadian is a Canadian citizen of Malaysian descent or a Malaysia-born person who resides in Canada. The Canada 2006 Census recorded 12 165 people self-identifying as Malaysian Canadian, but only 1 820 of these self-identified as exclusively Malaysian Canadian.[1] The Canada 2001 Census recorded 20 420 first-generation Malaysian Canadians, 8 660 of whom were in Ontario.[2]


Evelyn Chew is a Malaysian-Canadian stage actor known for portraying Number 18 in Andrew Kooman's She Has a Name.[3] Joseph Hoh is a Malaysian-Canadian visual artist whose Malaysian heritage expresses itself in his art.[4] Steve Ng is a Malaysian-Canadian entrepreneur who worked in Canada for 25 years in the golf course and hospitality industry.[5] Chin Lee is a Malaysian-Canadian politician.[6]

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