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The Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT) is a Malaysian nuclear technology research facility located in Bangi, Selangor.

Recently, MINT has been re-branded as Malaysia Nuclear Agency (Agensi Nuklear Malaysia).

Malaysia Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia) has a role to introduce and promote the application of nuclear science and technology for national development.

Established in 19 September 1972, Malaysian Nuclear Agency was then known as Centre for Application of Nuclear Malaysia (CRANE) before it was formally named as Tun Ismail Atomic Research Centre (PUSPATI).

In June 1983, PUSPATI was placed under the patronage of Prime Minister Department and was called Nuclear Energy Unit (UTN). It was then placed under Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in October 1990. In August 1994, its name was changed to Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT).

On 28 September 2006, following its restructuring, MINT was given a new identity,which is Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia). Its strategic location, near higher learning institutions, besides its close proximity to the National Administration Centre, Putrajaya, and the Multimedia Super Corridor, Cyberjaya, has stimulated Nuclear Malaysia to meet its aspirations.

The rebranding followed mass restructuring of its organisation departments, human resource, and the re-alignment of its core business towards establishing nuclear power in Malaysia as an alternative form of renewable energy.

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