Malaysian general election, 1978

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Malaysian general election, 1978
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8 July 1978
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All 154 seats in the Dewan Rakyat
Turnout 75.3%
  First party Second party Third party
  Tun Hussein Onn (MY 3rd PM).jpg
Leader Hussein Onn Lim Kit Siang Asri Muda
Party Barisan Nasional DAP PAS
Leader since 14 January 1976 October 1969 1969
Leader's seat Johor Timur Kota Melaka Pasir Puteh
Last election 135 seats, 60.8% 9 seats, 18.3% No seats. (part of Barisan Nasional)
Seats won 131 16 5
Seat change Decrease 4 Increase 5 Increase 5
Popular vote 1,987,907 664,433 537,720
Percentage 57.2% 19.1% 15.5%

Prime Minister before election

Hussein Onn
Barisan Nasional

Prime Minister-designate

Hussein Onn
Barisan Nasional

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General elections were held in Malaysia on 8 July 1978.[1] It was Hussein Onn's first election since he became the country's third Prime Minister. His Barisan Nasional Party emerged victorious with 131 of the 154 seats in Parliament. Voter turnout was 75.3%.


As expected, Barisan Nasional comfortably maintained its majority in the Malaysian Parliament and thus, gave the Prime Minister the power to form a government with a free hand. Out of 154 seats in the Dewan Rakyat, Despite the victory, BN actually lost four seats to the opposition, attributed to PAS' decision to opt out of UMNO; UMNO was and still is one of the major component parties within BN.

Berjasa had previous controlled the state of Kelantan. Its separation out of UMNO cost it the control of Kelantan to its former ally. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has been credited for UMNO's victory in Kelantan.

The opposition garnered 42.8% of total votes. In spite of that, the opposition as one won only 23 seats. Democratic Action Party won the largest slice of the pie among the opposition parties and hence, its leader Lim Kit Siang retained his position as the leader of the opposition that he had obtained four years earlier.


Party Votes % Seats +/-
Barisan Nasional 1,987,907 57.2 131 -4
Democratic Action Party 664,433 19.1 16 +5
Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party 537,720 15.5 5 New
Sarawak People's Organisation 10,151 0.3 1 New
Other parties 112,850 3.2 0 -
Independents 160,370 4.6 1 +1
Invalid/blank votes 123,302 - - -
Total 3,596,732 100 154 0
Source: Nohlen et al.


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