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Malcolm Azania (born 1969), also known as Minister Faust (for the literary reference, see Faust), is a Canadian teacher, writer, community activist, radio host and political aspirant.

He appeared on CBC Television's Disclosure in 2003 as one of three contestants in the "Political Animal" segment. He appeared alongside Bridget Pastoor, who would later become a MLA for the Alberta Liberal Party in Lethbridge East in 2004.

A resident of Edmonton, Alberta, Azania ran as a candidate for the New Democratic Party in the electoral district of Edmonton—Strathcona in the 2004 federal election. The riding and Mr. Azania were profiled by CPAC in its Campaign Politics TV show. Azania finished third, behind both Conservative incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) Rahim Jaffer and Liberal challenger and former Alberta Member of the Legislative Assembly Debby Carlson.

Also as Minister Faust, Azania wrote a comical and satiric science fiction novel, The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad, released internationally by Random House in August 2004. In 2007, he published his second novel, From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain.

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