Maldivian FA Charity Shield

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Maldivian FA Charity Shield
Founded 2009; 5 years ago (2009)
Region  Maldives
Number of teams 2
Current champions New Radiant (2nd title)
Most successful club(s) VB Addu FC (3 titles)
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Maldivian FA Charity Shield may also refer to the Charity Shield (disambiguation).

Maldivian FA Charity Shield (currently known as Lifebuoy Charity Shield,[1] as the main sponsor is Lifebuoy[2]) is a newly introduced match advanced from 2009, which will be played as the Season opening Match. Dhivehi League Champions and FA Cup Champions will get the chance for the match, the Winner of Charity Shield Match will be granted with a cash prize, where 20% of the total amount will be donated to a social working organization.


  • VB Addu FC is the re-branded name of VB Sports Club


By number of wins[edit]

Team Wins Years
VB Addu FC 3 2010, 2011, 2012
New Radiant 2 2013, 2014
Club Valencia 1 2009

All time scores[edit]


Rank Player Goals
1 Maldives Ali Ashfaq 4
2 Maldives Shamweel Qasim 3
3 Maldives Ibrahim Fazeel 2
3 Maldives Mohammad Umair 2
4 Maldives Ashad Ali 1
4 Maldives Hussain Shimaz 1
4 Sierra Leone Abu Desmond Mansaray 1
4 Maldives Ahmed Shaffaz 1
4 Netherlands Hüseyin Cengiz 1
4 Maldives Ali Umar 1
4 Maldives Mohamed Rifau 1
4 Maldives Assad Abdul Ghanee 1
4 Maldives Ahmed Rasheed 1
4 Maldives Ali Fasir 1
4 Maldives Assadhulla Abdulla 1

Main Sponsors[edit]

Sponsors Years
Milo 2009–2013
Lifebuoy 2014–


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