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Live album by Foetus
Released 1992
Recorded November 3, 1990 at CBGB's, Manhattan, New York
Genre Industrial
Length 100:07
Label Thirsty Ear
Producer J. G. Thirlwell
J. G. Thirlwell chronology
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
Allmusic (Film: 2.5/5 stars)[2]

Male is a live album by Foetus in Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe. It records the Foetus live performance of November 3, 1990 in Manhattan's famed CBGB nightclub. A film of this performance, also titled Male, was also released.

Though there is no indication on the album itself, the discography included with the Sink reissue identifies Male as Ectopic Ents #ECT ENTS 005.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by J. G. Thirlwell, except where noted. 

Disc one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Free James Brown"     4:36
2. "Fin"     1:56
3. "Hot Horse"     5:08
4. "English Faggot"     6:25
5. "Faith Healer"   Alex Harvey, Hugh McKenna 7:20
6. "Honey I'm Home"   Roli Mosimann, J. G. Thirlwell 9:25
7. "Butterfly Potion"     3:09
8. "I'll Meet You in Poland Baby"     7:43
Disc two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Anything (Viva!)"     8:41
2. "Death Rape 2000"     1:59
3. "Puppet Dude"   Jim Dunbar, Don Fleming, Elton John, Jay Spiegel, J. G. Thirlwell 4:56
4. "Stumbo"   Roli Mosimann, J. G. Thirlwell 7:55
5. "Someone Drowned in My Pool"     9:25
6. "Behemoth"   TAD 8:05
7. "Your Salvation"     14:24



Concert Film[edit]


In 1993, a year after the album hit stores, the Male performance was released as concert film on VHS by Self Immolation/Atavistic. Instead of a straight video of the concert, the Male film applies simple video effects to the raw footage. A DVD version of the film was released by Music Video Distributions in 2003.

Film Tracklisting[edit]

  1. "Free James Brown"
  2. "Fin"
  3. "Hot Horse"
  4. "English Faggot"
  5. "Faith Healer"
  6. "Honey I'm Home"
  7. "Butterfly Potion"
  8. "I'll Meet You in Poland Baby"
  9. "Anything (Viva!)"
  10. "Death Rape 2000"
  11. "Stumbo"
  12. "Behemoth"
  13. "Your Salvation"


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