Mount Malepunyo

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Mount Malepunyo
Malarayat Range
Mount Malepunyo.jpg
Mount Malepunyo as seen from Tagaytay City
Elevation 963 m (3,159 ft)[1]
Listing Inactive Volcanoes of the Philippines
Mount Malepunyo is located in Philippines
Mount Malepunyo
Mount Malepunyo
Map of the Philippines
Coordinates 13°57′48″N 121°14′28″E / 13.96333°N 121.24111°E / 13.96333; 121.24111Coordinates: 13°57′48″N 121°14′28″E / 13.96333°N 121.24111°E / 13.96333; 121.24111
Type Stratovolcano
Age of rock Pliocene [2]
Volcanic arc/belt Southwestern Luzon Volcanic Field /
Macolod Corridor
Last eruption Unknown

Mount Malepunyo (also known as Mount Malipunyo[3] or Malarayat Range[4]) is an extinct volcano located on Luzon Island in the Philippines. The mountain is located between the provinces of Batangas, Laguna and Quezon. It is popular among mountaineers, and has three interconnected destinations: Mt. Malepunyo, the highest; Mount Susong-Dalaga (also known as Mt. Susong-Cambing); and Manabu Peak.[3]

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