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Malher S.A.
Industry Food Processing
Founded July 21, 1957
Headquarters Guatemala City, Guatemala
Key people
Miguel Ángel Maldonado and
María García de Maldonado
Products Food seasoning, Beverages, Canned Food, etc.

Malher S.A. is a Guatemalan food products and beverages company; it offers a variety of products in all Central America and the Caribbean region. Malher's products comes between food seasoning, canned food and fruit-flavored soft drinks. The name "Malher" comes from the words, "Maldonado Hermanos" which means Maldonado brothers. Miguel Ángel named it after his 2 other brothers, Jorge Efrain and Max.

It was founded on July 21, 1957 by Miguel Ángel Maldonado, his brother Jorge Efrain, and his wife, María García de Maldonado, with the latter running the company after her husband's death, in 1972, at the age of 46.

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