Mali Graben

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Mali Graben
The Mali Graben Canal at Dolgi most
Origin Gradaščica (in the vicinity of the Bokalce Castle)
Mouth Ljubljanica (in the vicinity of the Gruber Canal
46°2′4.21″N 14°28′23.73″E / 46.0345028°N 14.4732583°E / 46.0345028; 14.4732583Coordinates: 46°2′4.21″N 14°28′23.73″E / 46.0345028°N 14.4732583°E / 46.0345028; 14.4732583
Basin countries Slovenia

The Mali Graben Canal (Slovene: Mali graben) is an artificial mitigation canal of the Gradaščica River and the largest affluent of the Ljubljanica.[1] It was dug due to the frequent flooding of the Trnovo district of Ljubljana. It leaves the Gradaščica not far from Bokalce Castle, then flows across the southern part of the Murgle residential district and joins the Ljubljanica from the left side near the Gruber Canal.


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