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This article is about the musical group. For The Simpsons reference, see Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy.

Malibu Stacy is a Belgian band from Visé (between Liège and Maastricht).

Their style, difficult to define clearly, lies between power-pop and rock, and is sometimes describe as being some kind of pop-punk.


  • David de Froidmont (Dave) : singer
  • Michaël Goffard (Miike or Mickey) : guitar
  • Salvio La Delfa : drums
  • David Halleux (Dave Ash) : guitar
  • Jérôme Gierkens (J) : keyboard
  • Christophe Levaux (Paulie Lee) : bass guitar

Former members :

  • Sebastien Peters : drums (2003–2004)
  • Jean-Christophe Olivier : bass guitar (2003–2005)


The band started in 2003 from the now disappeared Cash Converters, with the aim to take part to the Belgian music competition Concours Circuit, led by the organization Court-Circuit (between others, the band Sharko and Hollywood Porn Stars were prize winners of this competition). Malibu Stacy won the final in November 2004 in the Brussels venue Le Botanique.

Following this, the band got a contract with the indie label 62TV Records. At this time, they recorded their second try (the first one being a self-produced demo consisting of 3 songs written in 2004), an EP of 5 titles produced in 2005, and then quickly, their first album entitled G, recorded in Italy under the direction of Francesco Donadello, and out in 2006.

After several other concerts during the winter 2007, Malibu Stacy moved to New York City in April 2008, in the Headgear studio to record a second EP entitled Marathon, out in September of the same year.

Their song "Los Angeles" is featured on the FIFA 07 video game.


  • 2004 : Self-produced demo
  1. Peniche Praia
  2. Grasshopper Green
  3. Christmas
  • 2005 : EP
  1. Sh Sh
  2. Peniche Praia
  3. Grasshopper Green
  4. Sex In Malibu
  5. Morning Trouble (In A Coffee Cup)
  • 2006 : G (album)
  1. Intro
  2. Killing All The Young Gods
  3. Come On Commons
  4. Los Angeles
  5. The Fever
  6. Saturday Night Fisher
  7. Sex In Malibu
  8. Soda Pop
  9. Sh Sh
  10. VHF UHF
  11. Runaways
  12. Feck This (1985)
  13. I-Naked
  • 2008 : Marathon
  1. Hotel de Police
  2. I Was Spartacus
  3. Ladies Can't Drive
  4. Bonadona
  5. Join The Glenwood Army
  6. Flashdance
  7. Troublemakers
  8. Maria
  9. Older Bolder (and stuff like that...)
  10. Duck and Cover
  11. Black Shoes
  12. White Teeth

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