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Antediluvians Malkav
Nickname Lunatics
Sect Camarilla
Disciplines Auspex
Weakness Permanent Mental Disorder

The Malkavian are a clan of vampires from the role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade set in the World of Darkness.

The Malkavian clan is one of the thirteen original clans in the Second City. Each member of the clan is affected by a terrible madness that manifests in different ways, which has made the Malkavian feared by the rest of vampires, but occasionally they have been required because of their enigmatic visions and prophecies. Although generally they are divided and disorganized, they sometimes manifest strange behaviors and unify their efforts, a thing that has happened at specific times throughout history. The malkavian symbol is a broken hand mirror.


After the fall of the Second City and the disappearance of its founder, the Malkavian spread worldwide, infecting society with their altered perspectives and madness. Many went to Rome, where they collaborated with Ventrue and other clans in the destruction of Carthage. Some believe that madness stems from malkavian destabilized institutions and led to the fall of the Roman Empire.

During the Middle Ages they were generally rejected and considered a Low Clan. When the Anarch Revolt started, the majority of them, led by the Hindu sage Unmada, they presented themselves to the Founders of the Camarilla and joined the sect. Vasantasena, a girl of Unmada, joined the rebels of the Sabbat.

To join the Camarilla, the Malkavian "attenuated" the powers that caused madness. In a meeting that attracted powerful ancients and Methuselah of the clan, held in Domalize in 1497, they "closed" in part their minds, except for a minority that resisted the transformation and become the Malkavian Antitribu of the Sabbat.

In the late twentieth century the Antitribu "infected" the rest of their kind, restoring the powers they had repressed. This change could be related to the coming of Gehenna (World of Darkness).[1]


  • Auspex: increases the senses so that you can even get to see the aura of living things.
  • Dementation: discipline, exclusive of the malkavian, makes them able to drive their enemies crazy. This is one of the skills they gave up at the meeting in 1497 but later recovered.
  • Obfuscation: lets them hide from the eyes of mortals or confuse their minds to be ignored, being able to disappear for an indefinite period as long as they want to.[2]
  • Dominate: the discipline used to replace Dementation. Allowed to influence the mind of mortals and weaker vampires.[3]

In Popular Culture[edit]

Is the #1 clan in the online text based game BiteFight server Deva

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