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DLF Mall of India is an under-construction shopping mall in Sector 18, Noida, New Delhi NCR, India, and a mall by same name in Gurgaon, also a Delhi suburb. These malls are being developed by DLF Limited. The Noida mall, covers a Gross Leasable Area of 1,800,000-square-foot (167,200 m2), even ahead of LuLu International Shopping Mall (160,000 m2).[1] This mall would be the biggest mall in India when completed and when the gurgaon mall will be completed it would be suppressing all Dubai malls making it biggest in Asia. This Noida mall is expected to be operational by December, 2014. It was supposed to open in 2009 to give Dubai its answer to Dubai Mall.

DLF (Delhi Land and Funds) is a pioneer, an new era moghul of real estate in this world, based in India's richest city New Delhi. Mall of India, both of them are planned to made biggest among odds with exquisite luxury goes hand in hand. Like DLF Emporio, Asia most expensive mall to shop in. New Delhi if includes its NCR area, has more than 170 Malls!, with Dubai only 69. That's where market and money lies among most wealthy and posh Indians, Delhites. Area is massively booming with real estate projects.

Well,The mall is located in Sector-18 Noida (NCR). Planned and designed by Benoy, DLF Mall of India will have six customized shopping levels including international and Indian fashion, dedicated kids zone, entertainment, international cafes, food court and restaurants with a race track atrium.

To add to the Mall of India franchise, DLF plans to build Mall of India, Gurgaon, New Delhi NCR, whose capacity 4.5-million sqft space is even more than their mall in Noida. However, in November 2008, construction work at the mall after initial digging, was put on hold due overall fall in retail rentals.[2]


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