Malley's Chocolates

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Malley's Chocolates
Industry Confectionery production
Founded Cleveland, Ohio
Founder Albert "Mike" Martin Malley
Headquarters Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Number of locations
22 stores
Products Chocolates
Ice Cream
Footnotes / references

Malley's Chocolates is a chain of 23 candy stores in the Cleveland, Ohio area.[3] Four of the stores include ice cream parlors year-round, with one location offering ice cream seasonally.

Malley's Chocolates was founded by Albert Martin Malley in 1935. Martin had worked in a chocolate store as a boy in Meadville, Pennsylvania and dreamt of one day owning his own store. In 1935, in the middle of the Great Depression, Martin borrowed 500 dollars, and with it, rented a small store and living space for himself and his family on Madison Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio.

Malley's has been in business for over seven decades and has been Cleveland's largest family owned and operated factory since 1935.[citation needed] It is currently a third generation company.


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