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Malmal Village is situated 3 km away from its block Kaluahi and appx 17 km away from Madhubani city in Bihar State. Currently Malmal village is a one of the largest village out of total 1111 village in Madhubani district. It has two Panchayats; North Malmal Village and South Malmal Village.

The total population of the village is 21,153. The literacy rate is 40.98%. The female literacy rate is 28.15%. The male literacy rate is 51.96%


Malmal was established during the time of Akbar by Malmali Khan, one of the Translators in Akabari darbar. After the establishment of New Raj Dharbhanga, several expansions took place in order to develop the taxation system in the Mithila region. Raj Darbhanga had 4,495 villages in 18 circles in Bihar and Bengal and employed over 7,500 officers to manage the estate at that time.


The nearest villages are: West: Champa, Naraila, Belauniya (known as Belauna) East: Bardepur, Pursolia North: Rarh South: Mohammed Pur (Kaluahi)


There are not many economic opportunities or resources, despite the productive agricultural land; due to a lack of infrastructure, the populace is reluctant to grow produce on more than a subsistence level. Most employment available in the village is on a small household scale connected with farmers markets. Many residents are migrating to urban areas such as Delhi or Mumbai, and the town's primary income is derived from money sent home by those employed elsewhere.

Religion & Caste[edit]

The two predominant religions in the village are Muslim and Hindu. The various hereditary, endogenous castes, called jāti, are still bound by traditions regarding interactions and


The standard of living is similar to that of the northern Bihar region. The majority of people live below poverty level so the standard of housing and food are low to inadequate. Most houses are temporary or made by mud and bamboo sticks on wooden posts. A few middle class residents have houses made of cement or concrete. Food - Vegetables and Fish are the primary diet of the village. Garments - Dhoti and kurta, and Muslims wear kurta, pyjama and topi.RT


Sports facilities are inadequate or non-existent in the village, but sports, such as cricket, badminton, carrom Boards swimming, marathon, kabaddi, and kho kho, are becoming more popular. In 1984 one Tanzeem, Eslah-e-moashra, was established. This club had participated in the cricket tournament of Rasheed Pur was declared winner of any cricket tournament and awarded the "Discipline Cup" due to the extra ordinary discipline of players.

Apart from above two more social group of youngsters were estabalished during 1989-90 in Malmal called "Barg-e-Nau" and "Subhe Nau". Under them several inter-village level of sports competition were held which tremendously led upliftment of sports culture in youth in Malamal and allied village. The main sport were swimming, Marathon and its variants(frog race, jalebi race etc.)& Cycling.


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