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The Malta University Historical Society(MUHS) is an undergraduate and graduate student organization based at the University of Malta whose principal activity is to publish the academic journal Storja. It was founded by Andrew P. Vella in 1963, making it one of the oldest Malta student organizations. The society's main aim during the years was to promote History and Politics knowledge while correcting any sort of misconceptions. The organization is also known for publishing the journal 'Storja' which was first published in 1978.

The society is an autonomous, voluntary and non- profitable that works to disseminate historical knowledge, promote historical research and encourage interest in history through lectures, debates, excursions, and publications. The society facilitates collaboration between undergraduate and graduate history students disseminating information relating to the Discipline and to make representations on behalf of History students in Malta.

Following publication of Storja in 1996, Alfred Sant, the prime minister of Malta, met with the students.[1]

In 2014, funds have been provided for publication of Storja in 2015.[2]