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The Malto or Maler people are a Dravidian-speaking ethnic group. While most Dravidians are found in South India, the Malto mostly live in the northern end of the subcontinent, such as in West Bengal, Bangladesh,[1] Bihar and Jharkhand. They are mostly Animist.[2] Malto name given by Rev. Ernest Drose a missionary. Maltos in three types Souriya pahariya (Malto language), Kumarbag pahariya(Kumarbag slightly different from Malto) and Mal Pahariya (their language is entirely different).


Primary language: Santali (78,000 speakers)

Secondary languages: Bengali (41,000), Hindi (41,000), Mal Paharia (3,300), Kharia (2,100), Mundari (1,700), Assamese (1,500), Munda (1,200), Marathi (1,000), Sadri (700), and Kurux (600).