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Malvern is a village in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Jamaica's St. Elizabeth parish.

It is the site of Bethlehem Moravian College, Munro College (151-year-old boys' secondary school) and Hampton School (a high school for girls) which is just as old.

Hampton and Munro[edit]

Hampton School and Munro College are well known for their outstanding academic achievement, having always ranked in the top performing schools in Jamaica. Hampton School is also well known for producing ladies of the finest quality. Both schools have participated in many educational and sport-related activities.

Bethlehem Moravian College[edit]

Bethlehem Moravian College (formerly Bethlehem Teacher Training College) is located in the rural town of Malvern in the cool hills of St.Elizabeth. Currently the Principal is Mrs. Yvonne Clarke. Previous heads include Rev. Dr. Paul Thompson, Mr Valintine Grant, Dr. Randolph Watson, Mrs. Lucinda Peart (acted) and the Rev. Basil McLeavy. The original halls of residence include Ashton, Hastings Hall, Flemmings, Boston, Beacon, Mavis Davis and Deepdene (off-campus). All dorms have Internet connection. As of 2014 the college is 153 years old, and its graduates have worked in many parts of the world, including Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, The United States and Canada, and the United Kingdom.[1]


It was established in 1861 by the Moravian Church with three female students at Bethabara in Newport, Manchester. About 1886, it was moved to Beeston Spring in Westmoreland after the original structures fell into disrepair. Three years later, it was transferred to its present location, where there was already a congregation called Bethlehem. Over the years, the College has graduated many teachers who have made their mark in all spheres of the Jamaican society. It has seen many academic and structural changes, with its zest for excellence being a constant.

Since 1980, BMC has been a co-educational multi-disciplinary institution, offering the following programmes: Teacher Education Diploma in General Primary Education, Primary Education in Spanish and Literacy, Secondary Education in Business Studies, Business and Computer Office Systems Administration and English and Reading; Applied Associate Degrees in Hospitality Tourism Management, and Business Studies; Bachelor’s Degrees in Information Technology, Business Studies, Primary Education and Literacy Studies in collaboration with the Consortium of Institutions for Teacher Education and the University of the West Indies, Mona.

As the College celebrates this significant milestone, it is committed to continue being the driving force in the spiritual, social, intellectual and academic development of the human resources in its community, endeavouring to prepare individuals to function efficiently in a globalised world.

After 150 years of delivering quality education, the theme for anniversary celebrations – “Bethlemites: Recognising the Past; Celebrating the Present; Reclaiming the Vision: Ebenezer!” – invokes a looking back while continuing the work that has been done over the years.


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