Maly Uzen River

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Maly Uzen (Russian: Малый Узень) is a river in Saratov Oblast of Russia and West Kazakhstan Province of Kazakhstan. It is 638 km in length, with a drainage basin of 18 250 km².

The Maly Uzen has its sources north of the town Yershov, on the western edge of the Obshchy Syrt plateau in Russia, and flows in a generally southerly direction over the steppes of the Caspian Depression. It terminates in West-Kazakhstan, in a network of small lakes and swamps called the Kamysh-Samarskiye Lakes. The Maly Uzen runs parallel to the Bolshoy Uzen River, some 50 km further east.

Most of the river's waters comes from melting snow, and its discharge it therefore at its peak in April, while in the summer parts of the river will dry up completely. At the village of Maly Uzen the discharge varies from 3.4 m³/s to 782 m³/s. The river freezes over in December, and stays icebound to the end of March - beginning of April.

The river is used for water supply and irrigation.

Coordinates: 51°22′59″N 48°19′05″E / 51.38306°N 48.31806°E / 51.38306; 48.31806