Mama Take Me Home

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"Mama Take Me Home"
Single by Charlie Rich
Released 1972, 2006
Format CD single
Maxi single
Digital download
Recorded 2006
Genre Country music & Electronica
Length 2:59
Label Zomba Records
Writer(s) Matthews Green, Michael Clauss
Producer(s) Annika Ljungberg
Charlie Rich singles chronology
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"Mama Take Me Home'"
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The song "Mama Take Me Home" or "Mama, Take Me Home" may refer to an early 1970's song by Country Music Singer George Jones, Country Music Singer Charlie Rich (or), a 2006 lyrically unrelated song of the same name by the Swedish techno/folk/bluegrass band, Rednex. The Rednex song contains completely unrelated lyrics to the original 1970's song with the same title.

George Jones recorded "Mama Take Me Home" in 1972. This country music song was released by Jones and appeared his 1972 LP album "First in the Hearts of Country Music Lovers." The author of the original country song titled "Mama Take Me Home" is unverified, although honky-tonk singer-songwriter Carmol Taylor is the likely author.

Charlie Rich covered "Mama Take Me Home" in 1973. This country music song was released by Rich and appeared on his 1973 LP Album "I Do My Swinging At Home." The song is also found on the Rich's posthumous 2001 CD re-release of the 1973 LP album "Behind Closed Doors".

Lyrically, Rich's version is virtually identical to Jones' version, with the exception on the first few words of the song.

♦ The George Jones version of the song starts with "A drunk man, crossed the street today, he staggered all around..."
♦ The Charlie Rich version of the song starts with "I saw a man walk, from a bar today and stagger, all around..

On "The George Jones Show" airing on The Nashville Network in 1999, country singer Sammy Kershaw described this song, that he'd heard only once, as a young child, as one of the most "memorable" and "saddest songs" he'd ever heard in his life. Kershaw cited George Jones as a heavy influence of his own music. Video of that interview can be seen here...

Rednex recorded "Mama Take Me Home" in 2006. This "euro country" music song was released and entered into the Melodifestivalen (Music Festival) in Gothenburg, Sweden. Melodifestivalen is the Swedish national annual music competition organized by Swedish public television broadcasters for the Eurovision Song Contest. The song came in 3rd in the semi-final, and took part in the Second Chance round, which it won. In the final, the song finished in 6th place. "Mama Take Me Home" was subsequently released as a single in a few European countries in 2006. In addition to a CD single, the single was released intact on iTunes.

The lyrics of the Rednex song are completely unrelated to the lyrics of the original country song recorded by George Jones and Charlie Rich in the early 1970s.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Mama, Take Me Home" - 2:59
  2. "Mama, Take Me Home (Singback Mix)" - 2:59


Chart (2006)[1] Peak
Swedish Singles Chart 3


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