Mambele (knives)

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Variations of Mambele across the top row.

A Mambele is a form of mid to South African knives, but was originally used by the Mangbetu and referred to a curved throwing dagger. It consists of an iron blade with a curved back section and rearward spike. It can be used in close combat, or more typically thrown.

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They vary constantly in form and their use extends across Africa from the Upper Nile on the east through Central Africa by Lake Chad to the Africans of the Gabon in West Africa. In parts of Central Africa, these weapons assume the form of a bird's head.

These knives reflect the culture of Africa before western colonization; both through their design and use. They can be symmetric, bulbous, or even multi-pronged. Many are made of rarer and softer materials. These were harder to forge and were a status symbol.

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