Mamison Pass

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Coordinates: 42°42′22″N 43°47′35″E / 42.70611°N 43.79306°E / 42.70611; 43.79306 (Mamison pass)

Mamison Pass is located in South Ossetia
Mamison Pass
Mamison Pass in map South Ossetia

Mamison Pass (Russian: Мамисонский перевал, Ossetian: Мамысоны æфцæг, Georgian: მამისონის უღელტეხილი) is a high mountainous pass in the central Greater Caucasus crest, on the Georgian-Russian border. It is crossed by the Ossetian Military Road, a highway that links Kutaisi (Georgia) with Alagir (North Ossetia, Russian Federation). Its peak is 2,911 m.

Mamison Pass