Mammillotegmental fasciculus

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Mammillotegmental fasciculus (Fasciculus mammillotegmentalis, mammillotegmental tract, mammillo-tegmental bundle of Gudden) is a small bundle of fibers from the mammillary body, that emerges together with the mammillothalamic tract of Vicq d’Azyr from the principal mammillary fasciculus (Fasciculus mamillaris princeps) and passes caudally to dorsal and ventral tegmental nuclei (Gudden tegmental nuclei) in the mesencephalon and the nucleus reticularis tegmenti pontis of Bechterew.

The mammillotegmental fasciculus was first described by the German neuroanatomist, Bernhard von Gudden, from which it takes its alternate name (mammillo-tegmental bundle of Gudden).