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Mamo Tower is a fortification on the island of Malta. It stands on rising ground above St Thomas Bay on the east shore of Malta. The Mamo family built the tower in 1657, as a fortified residence. In 1940 the British Military requisitioned the tower and used it as a Regional Headquarters. In support of this role, they constructed a pillbox on the roof. After World War II it was again a private house until 1987, when the poor condition of the building rendered it unsuitable for habitation. Subsequently the Din l-Art Helwa (Malta Historical Trust) acquired the building and made substantial repairs.

Presently it houses an exhibition on the history of fishing in Malta.

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Coordinates: 35°51′16″N 14°33′25″E / 35.85444°N 14.55694°E / 35.85444; 14.55694