Mamo Tower

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Mamo Tower

Mamo Tower is a fortification in Marsaskala on the island of Malta. It stands on rising ground above St Thomas Bay on the east shore of Malta. The Mamo family built the tower in 1657, as a fortified residence. In 1940 the British Military requisitioned the tower and used it as a Regional Headquarters. In support of this role, they constructed a pillbox on the roof. After World War II it was again a private house until 1987, when the poor condition of the building rendered it unsuitable for habitation. Subsequently the Din l-Art Ħelwa, the National Trust of Malta, acquired the building and made substantial repairs.

Presently it houses an exhibition on the history of fishing in Malta.


Coordinates: 35°51′16″N 14°33′25″E / 35.85444°N 14.55694°E / 35.85444; 14.55694