Mamunur Rashid

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Mamunur Rashid
Born (1948-02-29) 29 February 1948 (age 66)
Tangail, East Bengal (now Bangladesh)
Nationality Bangladeshi
Known for Theatre
Notable work(s) Raraang
Awards Ekushey Padak

Mamunur Rashid (Bengali: মামুনুর রশীদ; born 29 February 1948) [1] is one of the pioneering theatre activists in Bangladesh. He is the chief secretary of leading theatre group Aranyak (theatre group)[2] which plays crucial roles in creating common people aware about their rights through his plays. He was born on 29 February in 1948 in the village Paikora under Kalhati upazila in Tangail. One of the most popular production of his group is Rarang which deals with the life of Santal. its another production is Ebong Biddyasagar.[3] In 2012, he received Ekushey Padak, the highest civilian award of Bangladesh.[4]

Early life and career[edit]

Mamunur Rashid directed various famous stage drama. Pashchimer shiri,Ora kodom ali,Eblish,Ginipig,Pathor,Sangkranti,Shatrugan,Rarang are some of his directed famous dramas.He also directed many street dramas. Mamunur Rashid is a versatile script writer who has a great contribution in stage drama, street drama and TV drama & serials. Beside arannyak natyadal, he is also the founder of Bangla theater. Che's cycle, The distant near are very classic productions of Bangla theater in stage. his written and directed last stage drama is TARGET PLATOON. It is a musical drama based on our independence war of 1971. This drama has created a history in theater of Bangladesh for its exceptional design and light. Still he is continuing his direction,writings and working for theater.



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