Manada Creek

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Coordinates: 40°18′16″N 76°40′08″W / 40.30444°N 76.66889°W / 40.30444; -76.66889
Manada Creek
Manada Creek at the Jonestown Road bridge.jpg
Jonestown Road Bridge at Manada Hill, Pennsylvania (replacement underway as of May 2011).
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
Counties Dauphin, Lebanon
 - left Walnut Run
Cities Sandbeach, Manadahill, Manada Gap, Fort Indiantown Gap
Source Fort Indiantown Gap
 - location East Hanover Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, USA
 - coordinates 40°26′29″N 76°38′41″W / 40.44139°N 76.64472°W / 40.44139; -76.64472
Mouth Swatara Creek
 - location Sand Beach, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, USA
 - elevation 348 ft (106 m)
 - coordinates 40°18′16″N 76°40′08″W / 40.30444°N 76.66889°W / 40.30444; -76.66889
Length 17.0 mi (27 km)
Basin 32.2 sq mi (83 km2)
Discharge for Manada Gap, Pennsylvania
 - average 23 cu ft/s (1 m3/s)
 - max 987 cu ft/s (28 m3/s)
 - min 8 cu ft/s (0 m3/s)

Manada Creek (historically Monodoy Creek) [1][2] is a 17.0-mile-long (27.4 km) [3] tributary of Swatara Creek in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania in the United States. The watershed drains approximately 32 sq mi (83 km).

The name is derived in Lenape, meaning "an island".[4] The creek is born in Blue Mountain at Fort Indiantown Gap, East Hanover Township as it meanders northwest to flow through Manada Gap, Pennsylvania.

The tributary Walnut Run joins Manada Creek throughout East Hanover Township. This is a known popular area for fishing during spring seasons.

Manada Creek joins Swatara Creek along the outskirts of the unincorporated community of Sand Beach.

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