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Location Kozhikode, Kerala, India
Coordinates 11°15′15.9″N 75°46′47.9″E / 11.254417°N 75.779972°E / 11.254417; 75.779972Coordinates: 11°15′15.9″N 75°46′47.9″E / 11.254417°N 75.779972°E / 11.254417; 75.779972
Type Man-made
Max. length 130 m
Max. width 109 m
Surface area 14,120 m2

Mananchira is a man-made freshwater pond situated in the centre of the city of Kozhikode in Kerala, southern India. The pond is 3.49 acres (14,120 m2) in area, is rectangular in shape and is fed by a natural spring.

Mananchira was built as a bathing pool by the Zamorin Mana Vikrama, the feudal ruler of Kozhikode in around the 14th century. The laterite obtained from excavating the pond was used to construct two palaces to the east and west.[1]

In the late 19th century, Calicut's municipal council decreed that the pond was to be reserved exclusively for drinking purposes, and prohibited its use for bathing, washing and recreational activities—a ruling that has remained in place ever since.[2] The pond is an important source of drinking water for Kozhikode, but is susceptible to pollution from municipal sewage, domestic waste, and pollutants from nearby textile factories. An analysis of the water in 2000 by scientists from the Central Water Analysis Laboratory and Pondicherry Central University found that the pond was particularly bacteriologically contaminated during the monsoon season, and was highly alkaline afterwards.[3]

Mananchira Square, a park complex surrounding the lake was opened in 1994. Previously the Manachira Square was known as Mananchira Maidanam (Playground) and was famous for football. Several football tournaments were conducted here. The Manachira Maidanam was also famous for the religious activity called Mananchira Ayyappan vilak. The Manachira Maidanam was transformed and named as Mananchira Square up on the leadership of then Kozhikode District Collector Mr Amithab Khant, who was the administrator, by closing two roads in the vicinity. The place for conducting the MANANCHIRA AYYAPPAN VILAK (Religious function held every December) was shifted to Muthalakullam Maidanam (A ground near by to Mananchira Square / Maidanam, which was developed after filling a pond named MUTHALAKKULAM). The officials also kept a rule that Mananchira Square will not be used for any cultural or religious purpose, whereas nowadays its widely used for cultural purposes.



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