Manarcad Church

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Manarcad Church
St. Mary's Cathedral, Manarcad

Marthamariam Cathedral
Manarcad Church is located in Kerala
Manarcad Church
Manarcad Church
Location in Kerala, India
9°35′59″N 76°35′4″E / 9.59972°N 76.58444°E / 9.59972; 76.58444
Location Manarcaud, Kottayam district, Kerala
Country India
Denomination Jacobite Syrian Christian Church

Manarcad Marthamariam Cathedral (St. Mary's Cathedral), is a Jacobite Syrian Christian Church located about 9 km from the town of Kottayam in Kerala, India and a destination for people on annual pilgrimages seeking the blessings of the Virgin Mary. During his 2004 apostolic visit, Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas elevated St Mary's to the status of Cathedral and Universal Marian Pilgrim Centre.There are more than 4000 families in this parish and is one of the largest Christian parish in kerala


  • January 15 – A feast invoking the blessings of the Virgin Mary on agricultural seeds
  • February 26 – Sunero Feast
  • May 6 – Commemoration of St. George
  • August 15 - Virgin Mary's Ascension Day
  • September 8 - Feast of the Virgin Mary's birth; millions attend the annual 8-day celebration, known as Ettunombu Perunnal, during which an image of Christ and the Virgin is unveiled.[1][2][3]


  • Vicar: Kuriakose Cor Episcopa Ittiyadath
  • Co-vicars: Kuriakose Corepiscopos Kizhakkedathu, Kuriakose Corepiscopos Karukayil, Kuriakose Kalayil, Mathews Vadakkedathu, Mathews Manavathu, Andrews Corepiscopos Chiravathara, and M.I. Thomas Mattathil[4]

The Small Church and the crosses[edit]

The Small Church was built just opposite the main church on the main road. Eight kilometers east of Kottayam town, on K.K. Road, at Manarcad Junction, lies a Cross of the Church. The church and all church establishments are all only around 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) north of this cross. There is another cross set up half a kilometer west of the Churchyard at Kottayam.

Schools & Hospitals[edit]

  • St. Mary's CBSE School, Manarcad (established 1993)
  • St. Mary's Higher Secondary School (established 1949)
  • St. Mary's IT College (established 1978)
  • St. Mary's Nursing School (established 1976)
  • St. Mary's College (established 1981)
  • St Mary's Hospital

Spiritual Organizations[edit]

Sunday School[edit]

First Sunday School was established in 1926and now there are 16 Sunday schools under this parish. They inculcate Christian faith in children and to develop the spiritual culture in them. They are also being trained to develop the leadership qualities latent in them. More than 2000 children learn dpiritual lessons from 300 instructors at these Sunday School. These Sunday School jointly participate in VBS, Teachers Seminars and Christmas Carols.

Vanitha Sanajam[edit]

They function with the cum of enabling the ladies to attain spiritual enlightenment and nobility of mind. The members visit patients and pray for their recovery. They also extend financial help to poor patients. It is the bounden duty of the members to visit those who are in distress and sorrow and alleviate their suffering by offering them spiritual advice. 18 units of this organization functions in this parish.


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