Manchester Gorton by-election, 1967

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The Manchester Gorton by-election of 2 November 1967 was held after the death of Labour MP (MP) Konni Zilliacus:[1]

The seat was safe, having been won by Labour at the United Kingdom general election, 1966 by over 8,000 votes[2]/.


  • Kenneth Marks for the defending Labour Party was a councillor in Denton
  • For the Conservatives, Winston S Churchill was a journalist for the Times
  • Terry Lacey was chosen by the local Liberal Party association
  • Writer John Creasey nominated himself as candidate for the All Party Alliance he had created.
  • The Communists chose Victor Eddisford

Result of the previous general election[edit]

General Election 1966: Manchester Gorton
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Konni Zilliacus 24,726 60.10
Conservative I K Paley 16,418 39.90
Majority 8,308 20.19 -

Result of the by-election[edit]

Manchester Gorton by-election, 3 November 1967
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Kenneth Marks 19.259 45.89 -14.21
Conservative Winston S Churchill 18,682 44.51 +4.61
Liberal Terry Lacey 2,471 5.89 N/A
All Party Alliance John Creasey 1,123 2.68 N/A
Communist Victor Eddisford 437 1.04 N/A
Majority 557
Labour hold Swing