Manchester Higher Openshaw

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Manchester Higher Openshaw corps
Formation 1903 (1903)
Coordinates 53°28′23″N 2°09′47″W / 53.473°N 2.163°W / 53.473; -2.163Coordinates: 53°28′23″N 2°09′47″W / 53.473°N 2.163°W / 53.473; -2.163
Sam Ward
Affiliations Salvation Army

Manchester Higher Openshaw was the 15th Salvation Army corps opened in Manchester, in 1903, in Fairfield Road.

The corps is currently the home of the Eden Project, a partnership between the Salvation Army and The Message Trust. The project was formed in 2000 by Gary Bishop. Author of "Darkest England & The Way Back In", Gary Bishop lead the project until February 2007 before handing the leadership on to Sam Ward.