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Mandal church

Mandal Church is the parish church of the town of Mandal, Norway. It was built after the town was destroyed by fire in 1810 and was officially opened in 1821, although it had been in use since 1819.[1]

The architect was Jørgen Gerhard Løser who used engravings from 1728 by James Gibbs as inspiration.[1]It was the first monumental building built in Norway after the independence of 1814. The style is empire/neoclassical. With 1800 seats, it is the largest wooden church in Norway.

The painting Oppstandelsen (English: Resurrection) is made by Adolph Tidemand who grew up in Mandal. The church has not undergone major changes since it was opened.[1]


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Coordinates: 58°01′52″N 7°27′35″E / 58.03111°N 7.45972°E / 58.03111; 7.45972