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Map of the Kayin State.

Manerplaw is a new village in the Karen State of Burma and is also the suggested capital of the proposed Kawthoolei state that the Karen people of Burma have been trying to establish since the late 1940s. The headquarters of the Karen National Union were located in Manerplaw until January 1995.

The Kawthoolei region is currently part of the Karen State of Burma. The name Kawthoolei in the Karen language means the Green Land, although according to Martin Smith, an expert in the field, it can also be translated as the Land Burnt Black; implying that it must be won back by fighting. The proposed Kawthoolei state encompasses most of the current Karen State and it also includes parts of the Ayeyarwady River delta, an area that the Karen people have claimed on occasion.

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Coordinates: 17°43′30″N 97°44′06″E / 17.72500°N 97.73500°E / 17.72500; 97.73500