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Selfportrait Manfred Baumann

Manfred Baumann (born 1968 in Vienna, Austria) is an Austrian photographer. He has several different directions of work which are Fine Nude Art photography, celebrity portraits, and landscape pictures.


Manfred Baumann was born in Vienna on March 1, 1968. He names his grandfather, who was also a photographer, as one of his greatest sources for inspiration. His grandfather was the one who supported him as a photographer and gave him his first camera, a Praktika.

He grew up in the 13th district of Vienna, where he also attended school and received his secondary modern school graduation. After his school career, at 16 years old, he started an apprenticeship in one of the most traditional shops in Vienna, Julius Meinl, where he worked his way up to branch manager. In 1990 he took his first steps working professionally in photography. In 1995 he broke all connections to his home and went to Canada with his girlfriend Nelly to work there as a photographer. Just two years later though both had to go back to Vienna.

Still, he kept on working in photography and again tried to start his own business. He rented a premise in Vienna and started with simple jobs as photographer. The concept worked and so, after only a short time, he had more and more engagements. In 2002 he got his first break into the national industry and began to photograph celebrities and to portray them. He finally had his international breakthrough in 2005 when he got permission to photograph Roger Moore. After that he set up shootings with international celebrities like: Toni Garrn, Jaimie Alexander, Paul Anka, Tony Curtis, Steve Guttenberg, Juliette Lewis, Bai Ling, Dolph Lundgren, Hayley Hasselhoff, John Malkovich, Sofia Milos, Kathleen Turner, Madeline Zima, William Shatner, Holly Madison, Chevy Chase, Jay Mohr, Michelle Rodriguez, Leah Remini, Barbara Eden, Tobin Bell, Rachel Hunter, Bruce Willis and a lot more.

Manfred Baumann also works in Fine Nude Art. A lot of his pictures can be seen in his publications. In the course of time his style evolved in very different directions, today it is not simple naked skin he is showing, but a story that is being told through his pictures. His best Fine Nude Art pictures can be found in his yearly calendar, published since 2008.

Another great field of artistic expression can be found in Manfred Baumann's landscape photography. One of his best travel pictures is a shot of New York City. Manfred Baumann is married to Nelly Baumann. He lives and works alternately in Europe and Los Angeles.


Manfred Baumann's work is published in different photo specialist journals like the Fotomagazin,[1] Photographie, Chip magazine or the Digital Photographer Magazine. His pictures though can also be seen in glossy magazines like the Playboy,[2] FHM, GQ[3] and the Moving Pictures Magazine.

National and international exhibitions of Manfred Baumann's work include the following

  • 1995 Exhibition "NUDE" in Toronto, Canada
  • 2004 Exhibition "Celebrities" in Vienna, Salzburg, Munich
  • 2005 Exhibition "CELEBRITIES, TRAVEL and NUDES"
  • 2007 Exhibition „America“ in Vienna
  • 2009 Exhibition "VISIONS" in Vienna, Graz, Munich, Los Angeles
  • 2010 Exhibition in Frankfurt – Leica Galerie Frankfurt
  • 2010 Exhibition in London – The Air Gallery
  • 2010 Start with his career as producer and director
  • 2011 Start with his pre-production of his first cine movie[4]
  • 2012 Star guest at the Photokina in Cologne (Live-Photo shootings, Workshops and 130 runningmeter exhibition)


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