Manfred Donike

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Manfred Donike
Born (1933-08-23)August 23, 1933
Died August 21, 1995(1995-08-21)
Residence Germany
Nationality Germany
Fields Chemistry
Institutions Sport University, Cologne
Known for Detection of drug abuse in sport

Manfred Donike (August 23, 1933, Köttingen, Rhine Province – August 21, 1995, on a flight from Frankfurt am Main to Johannesburg) was a German cyclist and chemist, known for his research on doping. Donike lived in Rölsdorf.

Donike studied chemistry in Cologne and graduated in 1965. In 1977 he was appointed director of the Institute of Biochemistry at the German Sport University in Cologne.

By 1972, Donike had developed a procedure capable of accurate detection of banned substances and their metabolites through analysis, using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, of urine.

In 1960 and 1961 Donike competed in the Tour de France.