Mangalam Dam (dam)

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Mangalam dam is constructed across the river Cherukunnapuzha which is a tributary of Mangalam river. A canal system for irrigation purpose was completed and opened in 1966, in the Alathur taluk of Palakkad district in Kerala, South India.

Mangalam dam

Most of the inhabitants come from, Perumbavoor Kottayam or Chalakkudy. There are rubber, pepper, coffee, and tapioca plantations in the area.

Mangalam dam is 16 km away from Vadakkencherry. Odenthode, Kunjiarpathy, Kavilupara, Vattapara, Neethipuram, Ponkandam, Kadappara, Uppumanne, Olipara, Balaswaram-V.R.T and Choorupara are also in the area.

A big landslide occurred in Kavilupara near to Odenthode during the 2007 floods.You can also see thick forest in the area of Karimkayam, Odenthode, Kadappara. Many aadivasies are staying in deep forest. And there is a good waterfall near to Kadapara. You can also find some good Rubber plantations throughout this area.

Panoramic view of Mangalam Dam
Panoramic view of Mangalam Dam

Coordinates: 10°30′33″N 76°32′06″E / 10.50917°N 76.53500°E / 10.50917; 76.53500