Mangerivola Reserve

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Mangerivola Reserve is a wildlife reserve of Madagascar.


It is located in the East of Madagascar, in the region of Atsinanana, between Brickaville and Toamasina. It coves an area of 13005 ha.


In this reserve there are about 100 species of birds,[1] of which 63 are endemic to Madagascar, including the Madagascar serpent eagle and the red owl.

There are also 19 species of reptiles and 7 species of lemurs: Indri indri, Propithecus, Varecia variegata, Eulemur fulvus, Eulemur rubriventer, Hapalemur griseus and the aye-aye.

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Coordinates: 18°12′00″S 48°54′30″E / 18.20000°S 48.90833°E / -18.20000; 48.90833