Eaten Alive!

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Mangiati vivi!
Eaten Alive!.jpg
Directed by Umberto Lenzi
Produced by Mino Loy
Luciano Martino
Written by Umberto Lenzi
Starring Robert Kerman
Janet Agren
Music by Roberto Donati
Fiamma Maglione
Cinematography Federico Zanni
Edited by Eugenio Alabiso
Release dates
Running time
92 min.
Language Italian
Budget Unknown

Mangiati vivi!, also known by its English title Eaten Alive!, is an Italian cannibal-rape film, directed by Umberto Lenzi, released in 1980. Alternative titles for the movie, include "The Emerald Jungle" and "Eaten Alive by Cannibals". It stars Robert Kerman, Janet Agren and Me Me Lai, as well as Paola Senatore, Mel Ferrer and Ivan Rassimov. It is one of the most notorious cannibal films, after Cannibal Holocaust (1980) and Cannibal Ferox (1981). The film features scenes of explicit nudity, castration, rape, animal abuse and graphic gore. While the whole genre is defined by these elements, this film goes significantly above and beyond the formula. Most of the violent scenes from the film were lifted from other movies in the genre. Namely Last Cannibal World (1977), The Mountain of the Cannibal God (1978) (the infamous scene where a python eats a live monkey), and Lenzi's previous cannibal film Man From Deep River (1972). It was released on DVD by Shriek Show. It is regarded as equal to Cannibal Ferox by the director, who says Cannibal Ferox did well at the box office. The story is loosely based on the Jonestown Massacre of 1978.


The film begins with a woman named Sheila who is searching for her sister, who has disappeared in the southeastern jungles of Asia (India). Sheila (Janet Agren) joins up with Mark (Robert Kerman), and they both encounter many perils while searching for Sheila's sister, Diana (Paola Senatore). Diana has joined a cult run by a man called Jonas, played by Ivan Rassimov. Jonas physically and sexually abuses his followers and local people alike. In one graphic scene, he rapes Sheila with a dildo covered in snake blood, and decapitates a native. In another, a native widow named Mowara (Me Me Lai) is ritualistically raped after her late husband's body is burned on a pyre. A group, consisting of Mowara, Mark, Sheila and Diana escapes into the jungle, where Diana & Mowara are caught by a group of cannibals, Diana raped, and then both hacked to death, while Mark and Sheila helplessly watch from the cover of the bushes. They quickly escape back to New York when helicopters sent by the authorities come looking for them. Back in the village, the rest of the cult commits ritual suicide, leaving one young female survivor for the authorities to find.

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