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Mangku Negara IX (born 1951) is the current traditional ruler of the former state of Mangkunegaran, located in Java, in modern Indonesia. He succeeded his father Mangku Negara VIII, as on 3 September 1987.[1][2] His full regnal name is Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Arya Mangku Negara.

Prior to his accession he was named Gusti Pangeran Hadiningrat Sujiwakusuma. In the meantime GPH. Sujiwakusuma became viceroy in Mangkunegaran at the time with the wild nature has been an independent Republic of Indonesia. Rising GPH. Sujiwakusuma to power Mangkunegaran bring atmosphere to thicken notes notes the historian and the journalist (reporter).

Crowning GPH. Sujiwakusuma in the Republic of Indonesia is a controversial coronation tumultuous, conflict, romance is also a large family of Prince Sambernyawa founder of the dynasty. In this large family also carrying the President of the Republic of Indonesia relatives of the first and second Said to be controversial because for the first time in the history of the royal kingdoms in the archipelago of Indonesia, Mangkunegaran has made a breakthrough involving relatives outside the core to intervene in the determination of the throne. Although an agreement later in favor of the GPH. Sujiwakusuma but his coronation should be received with satisfaction without a caption accompanying the Roman numeral IX, as KGPAA. Mangkunegara


Duke of the ninth on a dynasty Sambernyawa Prince was born in Surakarta and the son Mangkunegara VIII brothers with; KPA. Prabu Kusumo, B.R.Aj. Retno Satuti. Rahadiyan Yamin, B.R.Aj. Retno Rosati Hudiono Kadarisman, B.R.M. Susaktyo, B.R.M. Herwasto, B.R.M. Kumiyakto, B.R.Aj. Retno Astrini.

Maternal lineages unite paternal lineage. Maternal grandfather and the father were brother and sister's son Mangkunegara V. Maternal grandfather was Prince Suryakusuma being from the father, grandfather was Mangkunegara VII.

Crown Prince[edit]

GPH. Sujiwakusuma a crown replacing his brother King Kusumo KPA-BRM Radityo who died and was inducted into the Duke IX. GPH. Sujiwakusuma was the fourth son Mangkunegara VII.

Existence Dilemma[edit]

The existence of the kingdom in the archipelago as having Mangkunegaran g dilemma situation, especially the position and presence in the field of life in the modern state system of the Republic of Indonesia. Kingdom that originally had the capacity of a country by force of arms and the region, in the present is no longer in place. As a dynasty which has a large share in founding the modern countries of Indonesia, which begins Mangkunegaran embryo Dutch Anti hereditary, has reached the time in favor of him who resisted the Netherlands has gone from Indonesia and the Republic of Indonesia instead of the original building was established by the state indigenous people of Indonesia itself.


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