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For town in Haridwar district, see Manglaur.

Manglors was a line of action figures released by the Ideal Toy Company in 1984 and 1985. The first wave consisted of Manglord (which was initially released with a playset Manglor Mountain), Manglosaurus and Manglodactyl. A second wave, packaged with plastic eggs, appeared in 1985, which included Manglodemon, Manglizard, and Manglodragon. The line consisted of flexible, unjointed (one piece), sticky, and mostly unpainted (some versions of Manglord had purple highlights) Sorbothane figures that were not able to stand on their own.[1]

The line was very controversial for its advertising that promoted that not only could the figures be stretched and squashed, but could be torn apart and "return almost like new to their original yucky selves." Consumers Union's children's publication, Penny Power, took on this claim and found that they could not get the product to live up to its advertising claims, leaving a Manglodemon in many pieces that they were unable to reassemble. The packaging of the toys encouraged children to mix and match the parts of the various Manglors, but it was not possible to get them to hold together as demonstrated.


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