Mani Madhaveeyam

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Mani Madhaveeyam
Maani Maadhaveeyam.jpg
Author Das Bhargavinilayam
Original title മാണി മാധവീയം
Country India
Language Malayalam
Genre Biography
Publisher Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala
Publication date
1991, May
Media type Print (Hardbound)
ISBN 81-86365-78-8

Mani Madhaveeyam (മാണി മാധവീയം in Malayalam) is a biographical book written on the life of Guru Māni Mādhava Chākyār (1989-1991), who was the greatest Kutiyattam-Chakyar Koothu (2000 year old Sanskrit drama tradition of Kerala, India) exponent and Rasa-abhinaya (classical Indian style of acting according to Natya Shastra) maestro of modern times. The book is published by the Department of Cultural Affairs of Government of Kerala, India on May 1991. The author of the book is Das Bhargavinilayam[1]


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