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Not to be confused with Maniae (mythology).
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In Roman and Etruscan mythology, Mania (or Manea) was a goddess of the dead. She, along with Mantus, ruled the underworld. She was said to be the mother of ghosts, the undead, and other spirits of the night, as well as the Lares and the Manes. Her name links her to the Manes, Mana Genita, and Manius.[1]

Both the Greek and Latin Mania derive from PIE *men-, "to think." Cognates include Ancient Greek menos ("life," "vigor") and Avestan mainyu, "spirit."[citation needed]

In Roman and Etruscan mythology, Mania (Manea) is the Goddess of Spirits. In Greek Mythology, she is the Goddess of insanity and madness.

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