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Jozini cycads in the garden

The Manie van der Schijff Botanical Garden was established in 1934 and is managed by the University of Pretoria. Although the Garden was originally established to support research and conservation of indigenous plants, the Garden is open to the public.

Even in 1924 some Pavetta species were planted on the campus for research purposes. In the 1930s however, Berend Elbrecht's enthusiasm and passion for southern African flora gave the impetus for the planting of a number of tree and cycad species during his tenure.[1] In 1986, the contributions of Manie van der Schijff was honoured when the garden was named after him. The content and activities of the garden are formulated and implemented by committee. About 4,000 plant species are present on about 3.5 ha of the west campus.[1]

Aims of the garden include awareness of southern African flora through dissemination and acquisition of botanical knowledge, provision of plant material for education and research, collection and propagation of rare species, as well as research into southern African plants with horticultural potential.[1]

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