Manila Sharks

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Manila Sharks
League Baseball Philippines
Location Manila
Ballpark Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium
Year founded 2007
League championships 2009, 2010
Colors Red

The Manila Sharks are a baseball team in Baseball Philippines formed in 2007 as one of its charter members. Owned by Harbour Centre and assigned in the league's North Division, the Sharks are the current division champions after beating the Marikina Shoemakers in Series 2.

With four national team members on the lineup, the team's core is composed of players from the NU Bulldogs and the Adamson Falcons of the UAAP coached by Jhoel Palanog, Orlando Binarao, and managed by Richard Cruz.

Manila took home third place in the league's inaugural tournament despite finishing the short elimination round with a one-win, three loss slate. But, the Sharks bounced back in Series 2 as they posted an eight-win, two-loss mark for the league's best record before beating Marikina before losing a hard fought three-game series with the Cebu Dolphins in the championship.

Lead players[edit]

  • CHARLIE LABRADOR- Ace pitcher of the Manila Sharks, an original player since 2007 inaugural series1. Charlie is nicknamed the “Big Dawg” for his mean pitching and his fast ball. His Win /loss record is 21-14 with an ERA OF 2.33 recently awarded the BERNARDINO TROPHY exemplary play and off the field sportsmanship.
  • JONJON ROBLES- one of the ONE-TWO punch of the Sharks pitching staff. He was voted as series VI MVP for his valuable contribution to the Sharks 1st Championship Crown. Jonjon is consistent achiever in the game of baseball piloting his collegiate team to 2 Championships. Prior to joining the Sharks, he played in the Czech Republic where he garnered the Best Pitcher Award and Best Batter Award and the league MVP.
  • ROMMEL ROJA- The Sharks #1 catcher, nicknamed “the Gun”, Rommel is feared for his excellent throwing arm and quick reaction off the plate to always gun down attempted steals to 2nd base. Rommel is also one of the original members of the Manila Sharks.
  • FRANCIS CANDELA- Plays 2nd base, one of the pure hitter in the league has a lifetime batting ave. of .334 He’s a vital part of the Sharks infield defense, usually executing a double with poise and ease.
  • MARVIN MALIG- Plays 1st base, a budding slugger, has the distinction in Philippine Baseball as one of the few to hit 3 home runs in a game while still in the collegiate league. Marvin was awarded the “Homerun King” when he hit 2 home runs during last series VII elimination round. Marvin is also an original member of the Manila Sharks.
  • NINO TATOR- Plays 3rd base, a consistent hitter, excellent fielder and the team captain of the Sharks. Has a lifetime batting average of .281 going into Series VIII. Nino was awarded the best batter award during series I. Original Member of the Manila Sharks.
  • CHRISTIAN GALEDO - Playing short stop for the Manila Sharks. Christian makes a lot of almost impossible plays when he tracks down hard grounders to rob the hitters of a base hit. He was awarded the MVP AWARD during the elimination round of SERIES VI for contributing to the Sharks offense timely hits and his frequent on base situations and stolen bases. Has a lifetime batting average of .346 going into series VIII. Also an original member of the Manila Sharks.
  • SAXON OMANDAC- Plays centerfield, always makes it looks easy when he tracks down a fly ball that goes deep into the outfield, also a valuable asset when he reaches first base because of his speed, he often advances to second base by stealing. Saxon’s lifetime batting average is .275 going in to series VIII.
  • JARUS INOBIO- Plays left field for the Sharks, known for his speed Jarus covers the outfield with ease and grace. On base, he is also known for his base stealing capabilities. He is also an original member of the Manila Sharks. His lifetime batting average is .250 as of series VIII.
  • EDWARD LANDICHO- Plays right field and catcher for the Sharks. A consistent hitter often plays Designated Hitter for the Manila Sharks batting in place of the pitcher. Edward has a lifetime batting average of .330 going into series VIII. He is also an original member of Manila Sharks.

The backup crew[edit]

Every Championship Team is made up of back up players who can assume the role when call of duty arises.

  • JUNIFER PINERO- Acquired by the Manila Sharks during the annual draft last series VII to become a vital part of our BACK to BACK Championship Campaign. Plays catcher and Designated hitter, he has a lifetime batting ave. of .300 going into series VIII.
  • ROY BACLAY- Relief pitcher, a member of the Philippine National Team, specializes in curve balls and off speed pitches, making it hard for batter to time their swing, Roy brings timely relief to starting pitchers during their off days.
  • JENNALD PAREJA- Plays short stop and 2nd base in relief of the starters. A member of multi-titled collegiate team, his excellent fielding ability and steady hitting makes him a valuable asset during tightly contested games. His batting ave. is .255
  • JOSELITO BERMOZA- Plays outfield and designated hitter in relief of the starters. His batting ave. is .306
  • FERNANDO BADRINA- Plays as part of the relief pitching rotation for the Manila Sharks.

The young guns[edit]

Young, aggressive players, the future of the Manila Sharks

  • WARREN VISPO- Pitcher, his aggressiveness on the mound and steady pitching this series VIII, makes him a bright prospect in the coming years. Watch out for his coming performances.
  • PACO TANTUICO- 1st baseman, Pitcher, given the proper exposure and training, the future of Baseball Philippines looks bright. 6 feet 2 inches in height, Paco is built for the big league.
  • MARK ONG- Plays 3rd baseman, Pitcher, also a promising look into the future of Baseball Philippines and the Manila Sharks. At 6 feet 2 inches in height, Mark is also built for the big league.
  • GIAN LLAGUNO- An all-around utility player, can switch from infield to outfield if needed. Solid fielding and batting skills makes him an asset off the bench.
  • FRANCO HASHIMOTO- Shortstop, 2nd baseman, given time and training he can be a vital part of the future Manila Sharks. At age 17 he can play with the big boys anyday.
  • ALLAN DIZON- Plays outfield in relief of the starter.
  • COLT CUNNINGHAM- Pitcher,played for Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Shows a lot of potential and will be a part of the 2nd generation of The Manila Sharks Baseball Team. Known for his "Slurve". Previously engaged to Evan Tracy of Chicago Illinois.

Tournament results[edit]

Manila Sharks is the Back to Back Champion of last two seasons of Baseball Philippines. The results of the previous championships are as below:

Regular Season Champion Runner Up Outcome
2007 Pilot Series Makati Mariners Negros Roosters 4-2 (One-Game)
2007 Series Two Cebu Dolphins Manila Sharks 2-1
2008 Series Three Batangas Bulls Dumaguete Uni-Bikers 2-1
2008 Series Four Cebu Dolphins Dumaguete Uni-Bikers 1-0
2009 Series Five Batangas Bulls Manila Sharks 2-0(Best-of-Three)
2010 Dunkin' Donuts-BP Series Six Manila Sharks Cebu Dolphins 2-1(Best-of-Three)
2010 Dunkin' Donuts-BP Series Seven Manila Sharks Batangas Bulls 2-0(Best-of-Three)
2011 Series Eight Manila Sharks Cebu Dolphins 2-0(Best-of-Three)
2012 Series Nine