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Remix album by Gravity Kills
Released April 1, 1997
Genre Industrial rock
Label TVT
Gravity Kills chronology
Gravity Kills

Manipulated is a remix album by Gravity Kills, released by TVT Records.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Here" (The Hell Everyone Misses Remix)  
2. "Here" (Mark Saunders Remix)  
3. "Enough" (Al Jourgensen Remix)  
4. "Enough" (Critter's Carnal Remix)  
5. "Here" (Done Brothers Remix)  
6. "Blame" (Phentinol Warzone Pharmaceuticals Remix)  
7. "Down" (Praga Khan Jungle Remix)  
8. "Down" (Lords Of Acid Power Remix)  
9. "Enough" (Martin Atkins White Light Remix)  
10. "Enough" (Extrinsic Remix)  
11. "Enough" (P.M. Dawn Expanse Remix)  
12. "Guilty" (Juno Reactor Remix)  
13. "Guilty" (Roli Mosimann Remix)