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Manitoba Highway 10 shield

Highway 10
Northern Woods and Water Route (section)
Route information
Length: 847 km (526 mi)
Major junctions
South end:

US 281 / ND 3 (Canada – United States border)

PTH 16
North end: Saskatchewan boundary at Flin Flon
continues as Hwy 167
Major cities: Brandon, Dauphin, The Pas, Flin Flon
Towns: Boissevain, Minnedosa, Erickson, Clear Lake, Ethelbert, Minitonas, Swan River, Cranberry Portage
Highway system

Manitoba provincial highways


Provincial Trunk Highway 10 (PTH 10) is a major north-south highway that runs in the western region of the province of Manitoba, Canada.

PTH 10 begins at the International Peace Garden along the Canada - US border near Boissevain. The highway runs north through Brandon, Dauphin, Swan River, and The Pas to the Saskatchewan boundary at Flin Flon. The speed limit is 100 km/h.

Between Dauphin and The Pas, Highway 10 is designated as the Northern Woods and Water Route. The highway also serves as the main route through Riding Mountain National Park.

At 847 km (526 mi) in length, PTH 10 is currently the longest highway in the province.[1][2]


While PTH 10 has largely maintained the same length and configuration for most of its history, the highway has had a few fairly significant reconfigurations in its time, particularly along the section between Brandon and Minnedosa.

Within Brandon, 18th Street between Victoria Avenue and the current junction with PTH 1 was designated as part of PTH 10 when PTH 1 was included as part of the Trans-Canada Highway system in 1962 and the highway was reconfigured accordingly. Prior to this, PTH 10 met PTH 1 at the intersection of 18th Street and Victoria Avenue. The two highways would then run in concurrence along Victoria Avenue and 1st Street following the route currently designated as PTH 1A until PTH 10 turned north at an intersection approximately 500 metres east of its current junction. The highway would rejoin its current configuration approximately 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) north of the old intersection.

The section of PTH 10 between its current junction with PTH 24/PR 262 at Tremaine and eastbound PTH 16 was constructed and opened to traffic in 1962. Prior to this, the highway turned east approximately 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) south of the current junction. PTH 24 (known as PTH 27 prior to 1956) would travel 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) past its current eastbound terminus to meet PTH 10. From this point, the highway traveled east for 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) before turning north and traveling for 12 kilometres (7.5 mi), meeting eastbound PTH 16 (known as PTH 4 prior to 1977) 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) south of Minnedosa. The two highways ran in concurrence from this junction through Minnedosa along what is now PTH 16A to its current northbound/westbound junction. The current highway was shortened by 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) in 1971 to its current junction with eastbound PTH 16 with the construction of the Minnedosa bypass.

The original section of PTH 10 was redesignated as PR 262 when the provincial government implemented its secondary highway system in the mid to late 1960s.

Junction list[edit]

This is the travel route for Manitoba Highway 10 (PTH 10). This list is routed from south to north, starting at the US-Canada border to the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border.

US - Canada border to Brandon[edit]

km Municipality Location Interescting highway Notes
0 International Peace Garden
(US-Canada Border)
US 281 south – Dunseith, Rocklake, Devils Lake, Jamestown
ND 3 south – Dunseith, Rugby, Harvey
PTH 10 begins
14 R.M. of Morton PR 341 east – Wakopa, Lena
21 PTH 3 – Melita, Deloraine, Killarney, Pilot Mound
29 Boissevain PR 443 east – Ninga
34 PR 448 north – Elgin formerly PR 348 north
46 PR 343 west – Croll
51 R.M. of Whitewater Minto PTH 23 east – Ninette, Baldur, Somerset begin PTH 23 west concurrence
56 PTH 23 west – Elgin, Hartney end PTH 23 west concurrence
64 PTH 10 crosses the Souris River
74 R.M. of Oakland PTH 2 east – Wawanesa, Glenboro, Winnipeg begin PTH 2 west concurrence
79 PTH 2 west – Souris, Pipestone, Reston, Weyburn end PTH 2 west concurrence
87 PR 453 east – Rounthwaite
90 R.M. of Cornwallis PR 349 west
97 PTH 110 north – Brandon by-pass PTH 10 enters Brandon as 18th Street


km City Location Interescting street / highway Notes
99 Brandon Richmond Ave. formerly PR 344 south east of PTH 10
Brandon Shoppers Mall located on southwest corner
Keystone Centre and the Manitoba Provincial Exhibition grounds located on northeast corner
101 PTH 1A (Victoria Ave.) – Kemnay, Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg PTH 10 passes Brandon University between Victoria Ave. and Princess Ave.; university located to the left side
102 Princess Ave. both provide access to Brandon city centre between 1st Street and 18th Street
Rosser Avenue provides eastbound access
Princess Avenue provides westbound access
102 Rosser Ave.
104 PR 459 west (Grand Valley Rd.) – Trans-Canada Highway PTH 10 crosses the Assiniboine River just before Grand Valley Rd.
105 Braecrest Dr.
106 PTH 1 west (TCH) – Virden, Elkhorn, Regina PTH 10 turns east
begin PTH 1 east concurrence
107 Black St.
108 PTH 1 east (TCH) – Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg
PTH 1A west (1st Street N.) – Brandon City Centre
PTH 10 turns north and leaves Brandon
end PTH 1 east concurrence

Brandon to Dauphin[edit]

km Municipality Location Interescting highway Notes
110 R.M. of Elton Access road to Brandon Municipal Airport Airport located west of the highway
116 Forrest
117 Justice Road formerly PR 561 east
122 PTH 25 west – Rivers
126 PR 353 east – Brookdale
133 R.M. of Saskatchewan/
R.M. of Odanah
PTH 24 west – Rapid City, Oak River, Hamiota, Miniota
PR 262 north – Minnedosa, Clanwilliam, Scandinavia, Onanole
143 Riverdale Road formerly PR 563 west
149 R.M. of Odanah Minnedosa PTH 16 east (YH) – Neepawa, Gladstone, Portage la Prairie begin PTH 16 west concurrence
153 R.M. of Minto PR 355 – Cardale, Minnedosa PR 355 east enters Minnedosa as 6th Avenue NW
155 PTH 16 west (YH) – Shoal Lake, Russell, Yorkton, Saskatoon
PTH 16A east – Minnedosa
end PTH 16 west concurrence
163 Mile 91N formerly PR 473 west
PTH 10 descends into the Minnedosa Valley and travels through the valley for the next 6 km
179 R.M. of Clanwilliam PR 357 east – Mountain Road
181 Erickson
186 PTH 45 west – Sandy Lake, Oakburn, Rossburn, Russell
197 R.M. of Park Onanole PR 354 south – Crawford Park, Elphinstone
PR 262 south – Scandinavia, Clanwilliam, Minnedosa
formerly PR 263
junction for PR 354 approximately 50m north of junction with PR 262
202 Riding Mountain National Park Riding Mountain National Park south gate
203 Wasagaming access PTH 10 follows the eastern shore of Clear Lake to PTH 19
212 PTH 19 east – Norgate, McCreary
223 Lake Audy Rd.
237 Moon Lake
240 Edwards Lake
256 Riding Mountain National Park north gate
262 R.M. of Dauphin PTH 5 east – Ste. Rose du Lac, McCreary, Neepawa begin PTH 5 west concurrence
266 Dauphin PTH 5A west / PTH 10A north – Dauphin City Centre (Main St. S.) PTH 5/10 turns west onto Dauphin bypass
bypass turns north after 1 km
272 PTH 5A east / PTH 10A south – Dauphin City Centre (Buchanon Ave.) PTH 5/10 turns west

Dauphin to Swan River[edit]

km City Location Interescting highway Notes
280 R.M. of Dauphin PR 274 south – Keld
288 R.M. of Gilbert Plains PTH 5 west – Gilbert Plains, Roblin, Yorkton, Regina PTH 10 turns north
end PTH 5 west concurrence
291 Ashville
312 R.M. of Ethelbert PR 267 – Venlaw, Sifton
322 PR 273 east – Ukraina
329 PTH 10A north – Ethelbert
331 PTH 10A south – Ethelbert
PR 274 south – Venlaw, Gilbert Plains
343 Garland Road formerly PR 489 north
347 PR 367 west – Duck Mountain Provincial Park
362 R.M. of Mountain Pine River PR 271 east – Pulp River
394 Cowan PTH 20 east – Camperville, Winnipegosis PTH 10 turns west north of Cowan
422 R.M. of Minitonas PR 268 north (Lenswood Highway) – Lenswood, Birch River
429 PR 366 south – Minitonas, Duck Mountain Provincial Park begin PR 366 north concurrence
431 PR 366 north – Bowsman end PR 366 north concurrence
439 PR 488 south
445 R.M. of Swan River Swan River PTH 83 south – Benito, Roblin, Russell
PTH 10A north / PTH 83A south (Main Street E.) – Town Center
PTH 10 turns north
449 PTH 10A south (4th Avenue) – Town Center

Swan River to Manitoba – Saskatchewan Boundary[edit]

km Municipality Location Interescting highway Notes
460 R.M. of Swan River PR 279 west – Whitefish Lake Provincial Park PTH 10 turns east
464 Bowsman PR 266 north – Birch River PTH 10 turns north
489 R.M. of Mountain PR 268 south (Lenswood Highway) – Birch River, Lenswood
494 PR 365 west – North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park
516 Mafeking
526 PTH 77 west – Westgate, Hudson Bay, Tisdale, Melfort, Prince Albert
537 PR 483 east – Pelican Rapids PTH 10 follows western shore of Dawson Bay to Overflowing River
581 Division No. 21 (Unorganized) Overflowing River
606 PTH 60 east – Grand Rapids
647 R.M. of Kelsey Westray PR 282 north
695 The Pas PR 283 west – Hudson Bay, Nipawin, Prince Albert
696 PR 285 east – Rails Island
715 Division No. 21 (Unorganized) PR 287 east – Clearwater Lake, Cormorant
740 R.M. of Kelsey Wanless
753 Division No. 21 (Unorganized) Atik Rd.
770 Simonhouse PTH 39 east – Snow Lake, Thompson
786 R.M. of Kelsey Cranberry Portage PTH 10 begins to travel northwest towards Flin Flon
799 Division No. 21 (Unorganized) Fay Lakes Rd.
811 Bakers Narrows
814 Sally Beach Rd.
834 PR 291 west – Channing, Flin Flon
838 Flin Flon PTH 10A west (3rd Avenue) - City Centre PTH 10 circles Flin Flon around the north side and then heads south
846 PTH 10A east (1st Avenue) - City Centre
847 Manitoba-Saskatchewan Border Hwy 167 south – Creighton, Denare Beach, Prince Albert PTH 10 ends


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