Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League

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Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League
MMJHL Logo.png
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1970
CEO Jack Van Dam
Inaugural season 1970-71
No. of teams 10
Most recent champion(s) Raiders Jr. Hockey Club
Most titles Charleswood Hawks (16)
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The Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League is a junior ice hockey league in Manitoba, Canada. Founded in 1970, the league is a member of Hockey Manitoba and Hockey Canada. Ten teams compete annually for the Jack McKenzie (League Founder) Trophy,


Founded in 1970, the Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League was created because of a lack of playing opportunities for Winnipeg-area players. After the restructuring of junior hockey in Canada relegated the Manitoba Junior Hockey League from Major Junior (previously known as Tier I) to Junior 'A' (Tier II), there was no active "second tier" league in the Winnipeg area. The new league applied to the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association (now Hockey Manitoba) for membership and was initially accepted. When the MAHA was informed the league wanted to call itself the "Manitoba Junior 'B' Hockey League", the MAHA objected on the grounds that the MJHL was in the process of constructing a developmental league for itself with that name. After negotiations between the MJHL and the new league did not work out, the new league informed the MAHA that it would operate independently.

The league's first season started with the original four teams: River Heights, Fort Garry, Charleswood, and Stonewall. Only a week into the season, the league was contacted by teams in Portage la Prairie and St. James who were looking for a league to play in after the MJHL's attempt to create a Junior 'B' league failed. Soon after, Neepawa approached the league also but due to travel, did not join, but participated in at least two interleague games against each team. In the second season, a team from Kenora, Ontario did this as well. At the end of the first season, the MMJHL was allowed to send a "champion" (St. James) to compete against the MAHA Junior 'B' champion.

The Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League name comes from the league's adaptation of the Western Canada Hockey League's player eligibility rules.

The teams[edit]

Team Centre Founded Championships
Charleswood Hawks Charleswood 1970 16
Fort Garry/Fort Rouge Twins Fort Garry/Fort Rouge 1970 7
Pembina Valley Twisters Morris 2001 2
River East Royal Knights River East 1981 7
St. Boniface Riels St. Boniface 1971 4
St. James Canucks St. James 1978 1
St. Vital Victorias St. Vital 1975 1
Raiders Junior Hockey Club Seven Oaks 1977 2
Stonewall Jets Stonewall 2001 0
Transcona Railer Express Transcona 2012 0

Former teams[edit]


  • 1971 River Heights Cardinals
  • 1972 St. Boniface Riels
  • 1973 St. Boniface Riels
  • 1974 Charleswood Hawks
  • 1975 Fort Garry Blues
  • 1976 Fort Garry Blues
  • 1977 Fort Garry Blues
  • 1978 Fort Garry Blues
  • 1979 Charleswood Hawks
  • 1980 Seven Oaks Raiders
  • 1981 Charleswood Hawks
  • 1982 River East Royal Knights
  • 1983 Fort Garry 90's Jr. Bisons
  • 1984 Transcona Railers
  • 1985 St. Boniface Riels
  • 1986 St. Boniface Riels
  • 1987 River East Royal Knights
  • 1988 River East Royal Knights
  • 1989 River East Royal Knights
  • 1990 River East Royal Knights
  • 1991 Transcona Railers
  • 1992 Transcona Railers
  • 1993 River East Royal Knights
  • 1994 Charleswood Hawks
  • 1995 Charleswood Hawks
  • 1996 Charleswood Hawks
  • 1997 Charleswood Hawks
  • 1998 St. James Canucks
  • 1999 Fort Garry/Rouge Twins
  • 2000 Fort Garry/Rouge Twins
  • 2001 River East Royal Knights
  • 2002 Charleswood Hawks
  • 2003 Charleswood Hawks
  • 2004 St. Vital Victorias
  • 2005 Charleswood Hawks
  • 2006 Charleswood Hawks
  • 2007 Charleswood Hawks
  • 2008 Pembina Valley Twisters
  • 2009 Charleswood Hawks
  • 2010 Charleswood Hawks
  • 2011 Charleswood Hawks
  • 2012 Charleswood Hawks
  • 2013 Pembina Valley Twisters
  • 2014 Raiders Jr. Hockey Club


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