Manitoba general election, 1927

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Manitoba's general election of 28 June 1927 was held to elect Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Manitoba, Canada.

This was the first election in Manitoba history to elect members through a single transferable ballot in all constituencies. Ten candidates were elected in Winnipeg, while every other constituency returned members by instant runoff voting.

The result was a second consecutive victory for the Progressive Party of Manitoba, which was supported by the United Farmers of Manitoba. The Progressives, led by Premier John Bracken, won twenty-nine seats out of fifty-five to win their second majority government. During the campaign, the Progressives stressed that they were not a party in the traditional sense and promised "A business (not a party) government". Many Progressive candidates simply described themselves as Bracken supporters.

The Conservatives won fifteen seats under the leadership of Fawcett Taylor, an improvement from seven in the election of 1922. This election re-established the Conservatives as the leading opposition party in Manitoba, and made the party a credible challenger for government in the next election.

The Manitoba Liberal Party was unable to regain the support it lost to the Progressive Party in the previous election. The Liberals won seven seats under the new leadership of Hugh Robson, down one from their 1922 total. After the election, many senior Liberals began to work for an electoral alliance with the Progressives. Robson, who opposed this plan, was persuaded to resign as leader in 1930. The alliance was formalized in 1932.

The Independent Labour Party fell to three seats, down from six in the previous election. All three members, including party leader John Queen, were elected in the city of Winnipeg.

Independent candidate John Edmison was also re-elected in Brandon. Jacob Penner ran in Winnipeg as a Communist candidate, but was not successful.


Party Party Leader # of
Seats Popular Vote
1922 Elected % Change # % % Change
John Bracken
  28 29     32.4%  
Fawcett Taylor
  7 15     27.2%  
Hugh Robson
  8 7     20.7%  
     Independent Labour
John Queen
  6 3     10.5%  
     Independent     1        
Total   55 55     100%  

Preceded by
1922 Manitoba election
List of Manitoba elections Succeeded by
1932 Manitoba election

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Results by electoral division[edit]



First Count

Pildrum was eliminated after the first count. Richardson and Myles were eliminated after the second count, with 668 and 659 votes respectively.

Third Count

  • Joseph Cotter (C) 1963
  • Robert B. Russell (ILP) 1535

Beautiful Plains:

First Count

Kerr was eliminated.

Second Count

  • Adalbert J.M. Poole (P) 1549
  • Ernest H. Whelpley (C) 1153


First Count

Arnold was eliminated.

Second Count

  • John Pratt (P) 1215
  • Albert J. McLeod (L) 1071

Brandon City:



First Count

Davidson was eliminated.

Second Count

  • William Spinks (C) 1320
  • Andrew Moore (P) 1189


First Count

Esplen was eliminated.

Second Count

  • Robert Ferguson (C) 1350
  • George Palmer (P) 1064


First Count

Spence was eliminated.

Second Count

  • Hugh McKenzie (P) 1299
  • Arthur T. Hainsworth (C) 1147



First Count

Whitman was eliminated after the first count. Yakimischak was eliminated after the second count with 371 votes, and Kulackowsky was eliminated after the third count with 637 votes.

Fourth Count

  • Robert Curran (P [Liberal-Progressive]) 975
  • Herbert Henry Wright (L) 787



First Count

Francis was eliminated.

Second Count

  • Stuart Garson (P) 501
  • (x)Albert W. Kirvan (L) 416


Gilbert Plains:


First Count

Derhak was eliminated after the first count. Boychuk and Sigmundson were eliminated after the second count with 238 and 199 votes respectively. Rojeski was eliminated after the third count with 619 votes.

Fourth Count

  • Ingimar Ingaldson (P) 1231
  • Einar Jonasson (L) 1038



First Count

Cross was eliminated.

Second Count

  • (x)James Breakey (L) 1217
  • Sam Forest (P) 850



Kildonan and St. Andrews:

First Count

Tanner was eliminated.

Second Count

  • James McLenaghen (C) 1530
  • Walter H.G. Gibbs (L) 1456




La Verendrye:


First Count

Jopp was eliminated.

Second Count

  • Joseph Lusignan (C) 1467
  • George Compton (P) 1338


First Count

Richardson was eliminated.

Second Count

  • Earl Rutledge (C) 1595
  • Norman W.P. Shuttleworth (P) 1581

Morden and Rhineland:

First Count

Buerckert was eliminated.

Second Count

  • Hugh McGavin (C) 1252
  • John Henry Black (P) 1132




Portage La Prairie:




First Count

Udell was eliminated.

Second Count

  • Herbert Beresford (P-Ind) 235
  • Fred C. Hamilton (L) 160


First Count

Lazaruk was eliminated after the first count. Wilson was eliminated after the second count with 932 votes.

Third Count

  • (x)Isaac Griffiths (P) 1431
  • Robert Peden (C) 1311

St. Boniface:

First Count

The ballot-counting process in this constituency was extremely controversial. Laurendeau was eliminated after the first count, and Hyman was eliminated after the second count. Gagnon was originally declared the winner on the third count by a single vote, but Bernier appealed the decision and was declared elected on recount. The final totals were: Bernier 2646, Gagnon 2618.

St. Clements:

St. George:

First Count

Reykdal was eliminated.

Second Count

  • (x)Skuli Sigfusson (L) 1006
  • Albert E. Kristjansson (P) 597

Ste. Rose:

First Count

Hurst was eliminated.

Second Count

  • Maurice Dace MacCarthy (P) 1161
  • Joseph Hamelin (C) 960


First Count

Stefanik was eliminated.

Second Count

  • Murdoch Mackay (L) 1507
  • (x)Clifford Barclay (P) 1489

Swan River:

First Count

Sims was eliminated.

Second Count

The Pas:

Turtle Mountain:



First count (quota: 4610)

  • Second count: Haig surplus
  • Third count: Robson surplus (Evans declared elected)
  • Fourth count: Evans surplus
  • Fifth count: James eliminated
  • Sixth count: MacLean eliminated
  • Seventh count: Sedziak eliminated
  • Eight count: Cartwright eliminated
  • Ninth count: Gillespie eliminated
  • Tenth count: Moore eliminated
  • Eleventh count: Steinkopf eliminated
  • Twelfth count: Maybank eliminated (Queen declared elected)
  • Thirteenth count: Queen surplus
  • Fourteenth count: Lindal eliminated
  • Fifteenth count: Durward eliminated (Farmer declared elected)
  • Sixteenth count: Farmer surplus
  • Seventeenth count: Burritt eliminated (Major declared elected)
  • Eighteenth count: Major surplus
  • Nineteenth count: Cameron eliminated
  • Twentieth count: Penner eliminated
  • Twenty-first count (Hunt eliminated):
  • (x)John Thomas Haig (C) 4610
  • Hugh Robson (L) 4610
  • (x)William Sanford Evans (C) 4610
  • (x)John Queen (ILP) 4610
  • (x)Seymour Farmer (ILP) 4610
  • William Major (P) 4610
  • (x)Edith Rogers (L) 4764
  • (x)William Ivens (ILP) 4007
  • William Tobias (C) 3685
  • Edward Montgomery (P) [number not listed]
  • (x)J.K. Downes (Ind [Moderationist]) 3411

Twenty-second count (final standings of elected candidates):

  • (x)John Haig (C) 4610
  • Hugh Robson (L) 4610
  • (x)William Sanford Evans (C) 4610
  • (x)John Queen (ILP) 4610
  • (x)Seymour Farmer (ILP) 4610
  • William Major (P) 4610
  • (x)Edith Rogers (L) 4610
  • (x)William Ivens (ILP) 4700
  • William Tobias (C) 4114
  • Edward Montgomery (P) 3960


The first ballot results for Winnipeg and results for all other constituencies are taken from an official Manitoba government publication entitled "Manitoba elections, 1920–1941", cross-referenced with the 1928 Canadian Parliamentary Guide, and an appendix to the Manitoba government's report of the 2003 provincial election.

All ballot results for Winnipeg after the first count are taken from reports in the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper. It is possible that some errors appeared in the original publication.

Post-election changes[edit]

Birtle (John Pratt leaves the government side, early in the parliament).

Lansdowne (res. Tobias C. Norris, 1928), 10 November 1928:

Morris (William Clubb to new cabinet post, 18 May 1929), 30 May 1929:

Turtle Mountain (dec. Richard G. Willis, February 1929), 22 June 1929:

Winnipeg (res. Hugh Robson, January 1930)

Mountain (dec. Irving Cleghorn, 1930), 20 January 1930:

The Liberals formed an alliance with the governing Progressives in 1932.

Brandon City (dec. John H. Edmison, 22 March 1932)