Manly Waterworks

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Manly Waterworks
Location Manly, New South Wales, Australia Australia
Coordinates 33°47′57″S 151°16′51″E / 33.799097°S 151.280924°E / -33.799097; 151.280924Coordinates: 33°47′57″S 151°16′51″E / 33.799097°S 151.280924°E / -33.799097; 151.280924

The Manly Waterworks is a water park in Manly, New South Wales, Australia. It was operated jointly with the now defunct Mount Druitt Waterworks and Cairns Waterworks.

The Manly Waterworks features in the movie BMX Bandits starring Nicole Kidman during which an escape is staged in one of the waterslides.[1]


  • Three waterslides (the "twisted Cobra", the "slippery python" and the "Insane Earthworm")


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