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Industry Automotive supplier and general engineering
Founded 1941
Headquarters Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Area served
Key people
Alfred Weber (CEO.)
Frank B. Jehle (CFO), Manfred Wolf (2014)
Products Air filters and oil filters for vehicles
Revenue approx. 2,8 billion euros (2014)
Number of employees
16,000 (Dec. 2014)
Website M+H

The Mann+Hummel Group is headquartered in Ludwigsburg within the metropolitan area of Stuttgart and is one of the three world leaders in development, production and distribution of liquid and air filter systems, intake systems and cabin filters. Additional products include cylinder head covers made of plastic with many integrated functions for the automotive industry, and filter elements for the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. For general engineering, process engineering and industrial manufacturing sectors the product range includes industrial filters, membrane filters and equipment for water filtration. About 90 percent of annual sales of around 2.68 billion euros accounted for by the activity in the automobile industry. The company and its subsidiaries have more than 60 locations worldwide. The group is owned by the families of the two founders.


The Division Automotive OE develops, produces, and markets M+H filter and air intake systems and other components for the automotive industry. The motor spares trade is supplied with filter elements under the Mann-Filter brand name in the same quality as that supplied to OEMs. For general engineering, process engineering and industrial manufacturing sectors the product range includes industrial filters, a series of products to reduce carbon emission levels in diesel engines, filter systems and complete lines as well as units for conveying, dosing and drying of free flowing plastics.


With more than 60 locations all over the world and 16,000 employees, M+H is one of the major corporations in automotive components. In 2014 the corporation achieved a total revenue of about EUR 2.8 billion.

Divisions and products[edit]

OE products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles[edit]

Air filter systems

  • Air filters, filter systems, components
  • Air duct components
  • Crankcase ventilation systems and components
  • Broadband silencer
  • Symposer

Intake systems

  • Intake systems and modules
  • Components for swirl and tumble control
  • Secondary air charger

Liquid filter systems

  • Oil filters and oil filter systems
  • Oil centrifuges
  • Fuel filters and fuel filter systems

Other engine subassemblies and components

  • Cylinder head covers
  • Engine compartment covers
  • Fluid reservoirs
  • Technical plastics for the engine compartment

Filter elements and systems[edit]

Filter elements

  • Air and liquid filter elements
  • Cabin filters
  • Air-drying boxes
  • Cooling water filters
  • Spin-on oil filters and fuel filters
  • Filter element for oil mist separator

Industrial filters

  • Filter elements and modules for industrial engines, construction and agricultural machinery, compressors, vacuum pumps and mechanical engineering
  • Cabin filters
  • Air-oil separator elements
  • Retrofit and diesel particulate filters

Water Filtration

  • Ultrafiltration Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Membrane Bio-Reactor Systems

Environmental protection[edit]

The automotive industry is working increasingly hard to combine mobility with environmental protection and economy. Automotive component suppliers play an important role, as around 70% of a vehicle is produced in their (external) plants (as opposed the main car assembly plant).

For M+H, environmental protection is a strategic business objective, firmly established in corporate guidelines and ranking equally with economic objectives such as growth, profitability and market presence. A common environmental standard has been applied throughout the Group since the beginning of 2006. Environmental Officers and environmental management systems support and document implementation of the Group-wide standard. In 1998, Sonneberg (in Thuringia, Germany) was the first site to introduce an environmental management system. At the end of 2013, 25 plants worldwide already achieved certification to ISO 14001. Further plants will follow.

In addition to environmentally friendly production, attention has been increasingly focussed on the environmental compatibility of the products themselves. The environmental impact can be substantially reduced by using so-called Recompounded Plastic Materials. M+H has, for example, developed and started serial production of a cylinder head cover made from such material – in this case, consisting of waste and over-production polyamide fibres from the carpet manufacturing industry.

The predominant material in the engine compartment has until now been metal, but this is being replaced more by specialised plastics. The vehicle is therefore lighter in weight. Lighter weight means lower fuel consumption and thus also reduced emissions levels. As well as its advantages with regard to weight, plastic also offers new opportunities for component design and thus a higher degree of functional integration is possible. This generally reduces material consumption. One example is the prototype of a plastic oil pan for passenger cars which was exhibited at 62nd International Motorshow (IAA) Cars 2007. Weight savings of around 30% are achieved, compared with hybrid subassemblies made of aluminium and plastic, and this figure rises to approximately 60% when compared with pure aluminium parts. Environmental statements, reports and certificates can be viewed on the Corporate website

Research and Development[edit]

M+H employs approximately 1.000 people in R&D. It has filed more than 3,000 patents or patent applications. In addition to purely technical criteria, social trends as well as ecological and economic parameters are taken into account. M+H regularly assigns external partners such as, for example, the Max-Planck and Fraunhofer Institutes, to carry out studies to evaluate these factors.

In the field of bio-fuels too, the company is constantly seeking new solutions: the M+H experts are, for example, investigating their long-term behaviour in special testing laboratories, in order to adapt and improve filter media and component materials, as bio-fuels are introduced worldwide.

Key data[edit]

  • Key data 2013
    • Number of employees worldwide: 15,231
    • Sales: 2,675 million euro
    • Total assets: 1,825 million euro
    • Annual net income: 102 million euro
    • Shareholders’ equity: 708 million euro
  • Key data 2012
    • Number of employees worldwide: 14,575
    • Sales: 2,616 million euro
    • Total assets: 1,666 million euro
    • Annual net income: 96 million euro
    • Shareholders’ equity: 636 million euro
  • Key data 2011
    • Number of employees worldwide: 14,338
    • Sales: 2,473 million euro
    • Total assets: 1,651 million euro
    • Annual net income: 76 million euro
    • Shareholders’ equity: 551 million euro
  • Key data 2010
    • Number of employees worldwide: 13,200
    • Sales: 2,180 million euro
    • Total assets: 1,478 million euro
    • Annual net income: 94 million euro
    • Shareholders’ equity: 482 million euro
  • Key data 2009
    • Number of employees worldwide: 11,800
    • Sales: 1,672 million euro
    • Total assets: 1,301 million euro
    • Annual net income: -5 million euro
    • Shareholders’ equity: 384 million euro
  • Key data 2008
    • Number of employees worldwide: 12,400
    • Sales: 1,825 million euro
    • Total assets: 1,190 million euro
    • Annual net income: 31 million euro
    • Shareholders’ equity: 375 million euro
  • Key data 2007
    • Number of employees worldwide: 11,589
    • Sales: 1,750 million euro
    • Total assets: 1,142 million euro
    • Annual net income: 57 million euro
    • Shareholders’ equity: 365 million euro
  • Key data 2006
    • Number of employees worldwide: 10,739
    • Sales: 1,595.7 million euro
    • Total assets: 1,046.1 million euro
    • Annual net income: 43.6 million euro
    • Shareholders’ equity: 319.6 million euro
  • Key data 2005
    • Number of employees worldwide: 9,497
    • Sales: 1,377.3 million euro
    • Total assets: 917.5 million euro
    • Annual net income: 23.0 million euro
    • Shareholders’ equity: 286.6 million euro


  • 1941: Mr. Adolf Mann and Dr. Erich Hummel establish ‘Filterwerk Mann+Hummel GmbH (today Mann+Hummel GmbH) in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart
  • 1946: The Filap production facility is set up in Speyer (in Rhineland-Palatinate) for industrial filters
  • 1948: Foundation of the Plant Technology Division (today M+H ProTec GmbH)
  • 1951: Development and SOP of paper filters and fine filter elements for air and oil filtration
  • 1958: Production of spin-on oil filters commences
  • 1959: Co-operation begins with filter manufacturers in Argentina and Brazil
  • 1962: Purchase of an old noodle factory in Marklkofen, Bavaria and conversion into our third production site in Germany
  • 1964: In Chile operations begins with the production of filters.
  • 1965: Foundation of the first foreign company: Filtros Mann S.A., Zaragoza/ Spain, today M+H Iberica
  • 1969: Purchase of a further production site in Ludwigsburg and expansion of the Plant Technology Division (today M+H ProTec GmbH)
  • 1970: Centralisation of all existing Speyer plants at the current Industrial Filters Business Unit site
  • 1981: Start of development of engine intake manifolds made of plastic
  • 1988: Acquisition of M+H Hydromation N.V., in Tongeren/Belgium
  • 1991: Acquisition of Plasta in Sonneberg (Thuringia), today: M+H GmbH
  • 1992: The Industrial Filters Business Unit is established
  • 1993: Plants established in the Czech Republic and Mexico; acquisition of Somos GmbH, Weiterstadt (Hesse)
  • 1994: Foundation of M+H USA INC.
  • 1995: Several acquisitions and new companies set up in the USA, Great Britain, Singapore and China
  • 1997: Separation of ProTec Business Unit to create M+H ProTec GmbH, Ludwigsburg; acquisition of Vollmar Anlagentechnik (ProTec Business Unit)
  • 1998: Takeover of Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc., Louisville, Kentucky, USA and Geiger Technic Inc., Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Today: M+H USA, Inc.
  • 1999: foundation of M+H Japan Ltd. in Yokohama and M+H France S.A.R.L. in Gennevilliers, France
  • 2000: Acquisition of the Oil Conditioning Systems (OCS) Division from the US Federal-Mogul Group; sales office established in Warsaw/Poland and foundation of the Joint Venture G.U.D. M+H Filter Systems (Pty) Ltd in South Africa
  • 2001: Foundation of M and H Australia (Pty) in Sydney, Australia
  • 2002: Acquisition of the Air Induction Systems and Technical Parts (AIS/TP) Division from the Belgian-based Solvay Group Service Centre Scandinavia established in Gothenburg, Sweden; foundation of the Joint Ventures Shanghai M+H Filter Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China, and M+H Fawer Filter Co. Ltd. in Changchun, China; Joint-Venture established in South Korea: DongWoo M+H Co. Ltd. (today: M+H Dongwoo Co. Ltd.)
  • 2003: Filterwerk M+H GmbH renamed M+H GmbH; sales office established in Sondrio, Italy. Sales facility for the ProTec Business Unit set up in Gex, France, following acquisition of Per-colorS.a.r.L; relocation of the ProTec plants in Weiterstadt (Hesse) and Königswinter (North Rhine-Westphalia) to Bensheim (Hesse); sales office opened in Bangalore, India
  • 2004: foundation of M+H Italia S.r.l. in Turin, Italy; foundation of Joint Venture M+H Wako Co. Ltd based in Shin-Yokohama, Japan
  • 2005: M and H Filter Private Limited set up in Bangalore, India; Foundation of M+H Hungary Ltd. based in Budapest, Hungary; sales Offices established in Moscow, Russia, and Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2006: Joint Venture established in India; majority shareholding acquired in Unico Filter D.D., Bosnia-Herzegovina; renamed M+H BA J.S.C. Tesanj; the Bosch Group and M+H take over the Purolator filter business from ArvinMeritor Inc. on 01.04.2006; foundation of M+H Korea Limited, Seoul
  • 2007: foundation of subsidiary M+H OOO in Moscow, Russia, with its own production site; Acquisition of the cabin filter manufacturer helsa-automotive GmbH & Co. KG, based in Gefrees. 100% takeover of the Chinese Joint Venture Shanghai M+H Filter Co. Ltd
  • 2008: Helsa-automotive GmbH & Co. KG renamed M+H Innenraumfilter GmbH & Co. KG.; 100% takeover of the Korean filter specialist Dongwoo Co Ltd and name change to M+H Dongwoo Co. Ltd.; foundation of M+H Filter (Shanghai) Co Ltd in Shanghai, China; US subsidiary Universal Dynamics Inc. is sold to the Italian company Piovan; foundation of Mann ve Hummel Filtre Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd Sirketi in Istanbul, Turkey; foundation of M+H Sp. z.o.o. in Warsaw, Poland
  • 2009: Merger between Mann+Hummel Dongwoo and Mann+Hummel Korea; Incorporation of Mann+Hummel (China) CO. LTD.; Foundation of MHB Filter India Private Ltd., Nalagarh, India
  • 2010: Foundation of Mann+Hummel Brazil, Contagem City; Foundation of Mann+Hummel Filter (Jinan) Co. LTD, China; Takeover of membrane specialist Ultra-Flo, Singapore.
  • 2011: Mann+Hummel Air Filter GmbH & Co. KG based in Gefrees builds new plant in Himmelkron; Mann+Hummel Dongwoo Co. Ltd. based in Korea expanded operations into the market for water filtration; New Mann+Hummel production facility in Dunlap, Tennessee (USA).
  • 2012: OHL Engineering GmbH PET Recycling Technologies has taken over the operative business of the Mann+Hummel subsidiary ProTec; Foundation of Mann+Hummel Middle East FZE, Dubai.Mann+Hummel takes over Filter Manufacturer Bengbu Haoye, Bengbu, Anhui Province, China; Foundation of Mann+Hummel (Thailand) LTD; Mann+Hummel takes over Fluid Brasil Sistemas e Tecnologia LTDA.,Jundiaí, Brazil.
  • 2013: Opening of the Mann+Hummel North Carolina Innovation Center on Centennial Campus, in partnership with North Carolina State University, North America; Incorporation of Mann+Hummel Water Solutions GmbH, Ludwigsburg, Germany; Mann+Hummel takes over Purolator filters joint venture from Bosch. the business is renamed to Mann+Hummel Purolator Filters LLC.
  • 2014: The Mann+Hummel Group acquires Vokes Air, a leading filtration solutions provider for indoor and process air purification, based in Svenljunga, Sweden; Joint Venture with water filtration expert Microdyn-Nadir based in Wiesbaden, Germany
  • 2015: Full takeover of water filtration expert Microdyn-Nadir based in Wiesbaden, Germany


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