Mannequin (video)

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Video by Cradle of Filth
Released 2 December 2003 (2003-12-02)
Genre Extreme metal
Label Sony
Director Thomas Mignone
Cradle of Filth chronology
Babalon A.D. (So Glad for the Madness)
Peace Through Superior Firepower

Mannequin is a DVD single by Cradle of Filth released under the Sony label, in 2003.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Promise of Fever" - 6:08
  2. "Mannequin" - 4:17
  3. The Making of "Mannequin" - 10:00
  4. "Babalon A.D. (So Glad for the Madness)" - 5:49
  5. Serpent Tongue Animation
  6. Photo Gallery


  • "Mannequin" Video Directed by Thomas Mignone for DOOM
  • Mannequin and Creatures Designed by Liz McGrath
  • Annabel Lee Imagery Designed and Directed by George Higham
  • "The Promise of Fever (Live Video)" Directed & Produced by Paul Allender