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For the Tongan/New Zealander boxer of the 1960s and '70s, see Manny Santos (boxer).
Manny Santos
Degrassi: The Next Generation character
Degrassi Manny Santos.png
Cassie Steele as Manny Santos
First appearance Mother and Child Reunion, Part 1
(episode 1.01)
Last appearance The Rest of My Life, Part 4
(Degrassi: The Next Generation episode 9.23)
Created by Linda Schuyler and Yan Moore
Portrayed by Cassie Steele
Nickname(s) Dimples
Occupation Student, Degrassi Community School (seasons 1-7), Smithdale University (seasons 8-9);
Actress (season 9 on)
Family Mr. and Mrs. Santos
Unnamed Brother
Spouse(s) Jason "Jay" Hogart (engaged)
Significant other(s) Craig Manning
Spinner Mason
J.T. Yorke
Damian Hayes
Jason "Jay" Hogart
Nationality Filipino Canadian

Manuella "Manny" Santos (born August 15, 1989) is a fictional character portrayed by Cassie Steele on the television show Degrassi: The Next Generation. She was a main character on the series for its first nine seasons.

She was best friends with Emma Nelson throughout the series. During the third season, she has an affair with Craig Manning, who cheats on his girlfriend at the time. She becomes pregnant as a result of their relationship and despite Craig's optimism about beginning a family with her, she chooses to have an abortion. The choice to have an abortion puts her at odds with Emma and also makes "Accidents Will Happen", the episode dealing with her pregnancy and abortion, not aired in the United States until a later date.

Manny had a rivalry with Paige Michalchuk that became a major storyline for both characters and was only resolved after the two had humiliated each other. She was one of few characters that remained on the series after graduating from Degrassi. She attended Smithdale University after graduating, but then took a year off.

Steele's sister, Alex Steele, played both Angie Jeremiah, Craig's younger sister, in the first five seasons of the series and Tori Santamaria in seasons 11 and 12.

Personality and characteristics[edit]

For the first two seasons, taking place during Manny's final two years of middle school, she is depicted as a loyal friend to Emma Nelson, her best friend. She is usually seen around her and seldom has conflict with her, with the exception of their views on the Spirit Squad.[1] Cassie Steele stated "Manny sometimes doesn't learn from mistakes she's made. She makes the wrong decisions at times. Everybody does. But I think Manny has been pretty intense. I don't think I've ever done anything as extreme as Manny has."[2]

During her early high school years, Manny's reputation takes a turn for the worse when she dresses more promiscuously and often licentiously exposes her body. She becomes fully aware of her reputation as the "school tramp" and often makes references to it. Her feelings towards the reputation are mixed; she either can poke fun at it or spiral into depression and become distrusting of others because of it.[3][4]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Season 1

Manny is first seen helping her best friend Emma Nelson out of a jam involving a boy the latter met over the Internet and wanted to meet in person, who tried to rape her.[5][6] Manny and Emma start off their seventh grade year being frustrated by Jimmy Brooks and Spinner Mason's bullying on the first day of school.[7] Soon after, Manny could not be there for Emma when she attended the school dance due to strict rules set by her parents.[8] Manny was surprised when Emma was suggested by the school principal Mr. Raditch to write an editorial after she criticized the "News About Kids" morning announcements, which she felt were biased.[9] She gave advice to Toby when he and Emma were partnered for a project, unaware of his crush on Emma and was supportive of Liberty Van Zandt when she did announcements in place of Ashley Kerwin, who she had previously written the material for.[10][11] She supported Emma when she got her first period and was the first person Emma spoke to about Mr. Armstrong possibly taking advantage of Liberty, a rumor which later spread around the school.[12][13] Her support for Emma also included being visibly excited when the latter was asked out by Sean Cameron.

She begins her trajectory in popularity by joining Paige Michalchuk's Spirit Squad, despite Emma's complaints that it is sexist. When Manny refused to back down from Emma (or from Paige and Hazel when they try to take advantage), she gains their respect and a place on the squad.

Season 2

Manny and Emma both fell for Craig Manning, a new student in Grade 9. While it was Emma who initially seemed to be winning Craig's affections, Craig surprised both girls by asking Manny to dance at an '80s dance for upperclassmen which Manny and Emma sneaked into. A few episodes later, Manny and Craig went on their first date to a carnival. While Manny was head over heels, Craig was put off by how much Manny reminded him of his little sister, Angela (this is believed to be an inside joke by the writers; Angela is portrayed by Cassie Steele's real-life sister Alex Steele). He broke it off with her harshly, leaving Manny crushed.

With Spike Nelson and Snake Simpson's wedding approaching, Manny notices Sean Cameron's lingering affection for Emma. She discusses Sean's affection with Emma, and encourages her to invite him to the wedding. When Emma refuses, Manny takes matters into her own hands and plays matchmaker by secretly giving him an invitation. When things get hectic, Manny reveals she invited him which angers Emma. The two exchange insults about meddling (Emma meddles by telling Snake that Spike is pregnant and is considering an abortion), but quickly cool off. Thus, Manny is the key catalyst to Sean and Emma's second relationship

Season 3

At the beginning of her freshman year, Manny finally started to come into her own. Sully, a popular upperclassman soccer player, caught Manny's eye, but her attempts to get his attention went unnoticed. While bemoaning her "cute" reputation with Paige, the older girl told her that if she didn't like her image, she should simply change it. Manny took the advice and her new appearance took "sexy" to the edge. While she was ogled by the entire male student body for wearing visible thongs and skimpy tops, Emma and Liberty Van Zandt feared she was sacrificing her dignity. Manny saw it as jealousy and was particularly indignant to Emma's reaction, telling her to support her like Manny had always supported Emma over the years. Also, J.T. Yorke began to crush on Manny and she seemed to return the feelings until Sully suddenly took an interest in her and asked her out, much to J.T.'s dismay. Manny then got a new attitude that Emma found insufferable. Sully quickly became Manny's boyfriend but she grew agitated with his inattentiveness. When she refocused on Craig—who was now dating Ashley Kerwin—it became clear that she had broken up with Sully offscreen. After a misunderstanding with Ashley led to a big fight and breakup at Paige's 16th birthday party, Manny met Craig to console him. He took her back to his garage, where they had sex.[14]

Craig kept up his relationship with Manny even after getting back together with Ashley. One night, while trying to hook Emma up with a new boy named Chris, the two girls attended a rave. With Ashley out of town, Craig showed up on Manny's invitation, and they proceeded to hook up again. Manny took Craig back to Emma's room in her house's private basement. After leaving the rave alone, Emma discovered Manny and Craig making out on her bed. She kicked Craig out and refused to talk to Manny. The next day at school, the girls had a particularly ugly argument in which Manny called Emma "the prude princess" and Emma called Manny "the school slut."[15]

Though losing friends left and right, Manny continued to date Craig secretly. Over Christmas break, they met up in secret and she begged him to break up with Ashley for her but Craig said he couldn't. After talking to Caitlin Ryan, Craig was more confused than ever and went to the ice arena to tell her he would break up with Ashley. When Craig went to Ashley's house she gave him a vintage guitar that belonged to her grandfather, and he realized how much he really did love Ashley and knew he could not break up with her. Manny was unaware of this, as Craig had told her he ended things with Ashley. Thinking they were history, Manny made a comment to Ashley about dating Craig. A bewildered and upset Ashley slapped Craig across the face and broke up with him while they were performing on stage in front of a large audience. Manny soon followed suit.[16]

A nasty flu spread throughout Degrassi once school was back in session, and Manny appeared to come down with it. She felt sick and vomited several times. But it soon became obvious that she was actually pregnant. Not knowing who else to tell, she confided in Spike Nelson, Emma's mother, who had Emma when she was around Manny's age. Ashley found Craig and Manny with a baby names book, and announced the scandalous pregnancy to the entire student body in the cafeteria. This heightened Manny's new reputation as the school slut. Emma was supportive of her while she was pregnant. Craig, it seemed, was maybe a little too supportive. His fantasies of raising a family drove Manny to the breaking point, when she realized she was not ready to have a child. She also realized that she did not want to be like her cousin, who her conservative Filipino family had previously sent to a convent in the Philippines when she became pregnant. Manny decided to tell her mother that she was pregnant, and also that she wanted an abortion. Her mother was surprisingly supportive. Manny's decision also further harmed her fragile relationship with Emma, who likened Manny's abortion to Spike getting an abortion.[17]

Manny finished the school year depressed and, for the most part, anti-social. She hadn't planned on attending the year-end dance, but Liberty suggested that she go, because 'a certain friend of Manny's', (J.T.), really wanted her there. After several attempts, Manny happily accepted to be J.T.'s date, and the two began dating by attending the dance together.[3]

Season 4

To celebrate the beginning of a new school year (and to possibly forget about Liberty's unrequited love for Chris which was wrecked by Emma), Liberty invites Manny, J.T., and Toby over to her house for a party in her jacuzzi. While sipping drinks, J.T. jokes around and is ready to jump into the jacuzzi when Liberty's sly little brother, Danny, pantses him.[18] Manny had previously met Danny when he tried to flirt with her.[19] It is revealed that J.T.'s penis doesn't quite measure up to Manny's old boyfriend's, Craig. She begins chatting with him more which upsets J.T. who sees Craig as a threat. Manny grows annoyed of J.T.'s constant childish antics, and Liberty suggests she breaks it off with him.[18]

J.T., however, has plans of his own. Danny orders him a penis pump to help him measure up to Craig. The night he invites her over to finally have sex is consequently the night she wants to break it off. Manny gets nervous and decides to leave the room to get the courage to break up with him. He expects her to be in the bathroom, and when she opens the door seconds later, the penis pump sits on his lap below his shocked face. Manny leaves quickly, and the next morning, breaks it off with J.T., saying that he's too immature for her.[18]

Her friendship with Emma continued to be strained, especially as Emma became more of a social climber. She scolded Emma for stealing Chris away from Liberty just because she didn't want to be succeeded by "unpopular" Liberty. When Emma contracted gonorrhea after performing oral sex on Jay who was at the time Alex's boyfriend, Manny informed a boy who was meant to share a kiss with Emma in a school production of Emma's situation.[20]

Of her original group of friends, only her relationship with Toby remained steady, with her comforting him following the shooting and the death of Toby's friend Rick by attending his funeral service despite not knowing him personally, as well as patching up the friendship between him and JT.[21] She even danced with him at a Degrassi function (though the latter may have been to make up for some of her poor behavior around that same time).[22]

Craig confronts her in the middle of the school year, telling her that he had thought a lot about the previous year. After he tells her that it was all pain, Manny is disappointed and does not want to commit herself to Spinner. During a meeting between the two, she causes confusion for Spinner when she calls him her boyfriend, despite her not wanting to have the two become "official." When Spinner shows up to the school dance, which she complained about him not being committed to, he tells her why he wants to date her and she only responds that he would be on the rebound and opts to have them end their relationship before either of them can get hurt. She later confronts him and makes him promise to never hurt her.[23]

In the meantime, Manny focused on Spirit Squad, but tensions arose between her and squad captain, Paige Michalchuk. Paige's boyfriend, Spinner Mason, grew attracted to Manny, and eventually Paige and Spinner broke up over it. Manny then began dating Spinner, which was obviously a problem with Paige. While Paige carried on an illicit affair with student teacher Matt Oleander (with Manny knowing and not telling anyone), Manny essentially ran the squad and Paige took all the credit. Paige and Manny got into a verbal altercation in the hall, which turned into a physical fight where Matt pulled Manny away, and Ms. Hatzilakos pulled Paige away. Manny angrily yells out Paige and Matt's affair, which gets Matt fired.[24] Paige then makes Manny the school mascot when she gets jealous that the squad prefers Manny over her. Manny, wanting revenge, got her friends Darcy Edwards and Chantay Black to drop Paige in a cheer routine in front of the entire school, thus breaking her leg. Paige, far from finished, retaliated by stripping Manny of her prom dress (the same one Paige wore) in front of everyone when she becomes Prom Queen and starts to laugh as Manny runs away humiliated. In the girl's locker room, they get into a heated argument, but after it's over, they agree to end their rivalry.[22]

By the end of her sophomore year, Manny, still battling insecurity, broke it off with Spinner, even though he wanted desperately to stay with her. She had a flirtation with a new kid named Chester that essentially went nowhere but led her to realize that even after everything that happened with Craig she had to stay true to her feelings for Spinner, though she did make him promise never to hurt her. This relationship quickly ended after Manny learned of Spinner's involvement in the school shooting.[25]

During summer, Manny played a major part in Kevin Smith's movie being shot at the school.

Season 5

Manny is now a junior in high school, and drama is following her now more than ever. She is pursuing a new goal of becoming an actress, battling bad decisions, and exploring old relationships as she appears to have restored her friendship with Emma. She considered plastic surgery and went so far as to make a deposit on her credit card, when her parents found out. Her controlling, abrasive, and verbally abusive father scolded her for being a "loose girl" and a "slut." She stormed out of the house in tears and ran off to a party that the new boy Peter Stone (who Emma liked) invited her to. After a couple of blonde girls made fun of her body, she retreated to the bar, where she proceeded to get drunk on vodka. She took Peter into the bathroom and talked with him, though Peter hoped they would make out. Drunk, she exposed herself topless to Peter and he recorded it on his camera phone. After Manny sobered up, she asked Peter to delete the video but he refused, unless she went out with him. Manny tried to steal Peter's phone but she was caught by Peter. He proceeded to blackmail her into buying a new camcorder. In an attempt to switch tactics, Manny agreed to go out with him in exchange for the video but Peter turned her down and sent the video to the entire school. As a result, Manny was kicked off the squad, Emma became angry with her, and her parents kicked her out of the house. She later moved in with Emma. However, Peter got in trouble with the school officials and his mother, who was also the school principal, for distributing pornography on school grounds.[26][27]

Through all of her trouble, Manny and Craig seemed to be getting close after he protected her from Peter and sympathized for her current situation. Craig later invited her to a wedding gig his band had, leading Ellie to become jealous of the two and almost got into a fight with Manny. The next day, after some confusion over feelings for Ellie, it seemed Craig still had some feelings for Manny; the two shared a romantic kiss when he visited her at Emma's house where Manny was staying for the time being and proceeded to get back together. Later in the season Craig catches the attention of a music executive while performing in a music competition which leads him to Vancouver to record a demo, leaving Manny behind.

Manny also managed to snag a major part in a Kevin Smith film, even getting picked up by an agent, Bernice Vine, who had made her consider plastic surgery. With Emma's life going downhill, they both stopped eating (Emma for control, and Manny to lose weight for her auditions). Manny and Emma's diets work great but Emma took it far more seriously than she did, even trying to force Manny to throw up even though Manny has already reached her target weight. Manny realizes that Emma might have an eating disorder and she and Peter (Emma's no longer secret boyfriend) tell Emma's parents which causes Emma becomes furious with her. Emma tries to make Manny leave but in doing so, has a panic attack and falls to the floor. Manny visits Emma, who has been diagnosed with anorexia, in the hospital and tearfully tells her she needs to stop or she's gonna die. Emma agrees to get help.[28][29]

In the season finale, Darcy Edwards, Spinner's new girlfriend, is jealous of Manny and Spinner's past relationship because she believes that they still like each other (which they don't). The two get into a fight where Darcy calls Manny a slut.[30]

Season 6

Season 6 begins with Manny trying to keep Emma from relapsing back into her anorexia. As the year progresses she is quickly becoming very popular and shedding her old reputation. After Darcy's jealousy of Manny and Spinner's past relationship led to a nasty fight between the two girls after Manny tells Darcy she had sex with Spinner in the season five finale, they become friends. Darcy, the new Spirit Squad captain, invites Manny back on the squad as the team's choreographer and this year Emma has a new romantic dilemma but Manny sticks by her side and tries her best to make this year free of "Emma Drama-rama". When a 16-year old new student named Mia Jones auditions for the squad, both Darcy and Manny are impressed with her. She is soon revealed to be a single mother. While Manny doesn't mind, Darcy becomes very judgmental towards her and despite her impressive skill, does not allow her to be on the squad due to her conservative religious beliefs. Manny won't let that decision stand, so she and Mia confront Darcy about her unfair decision. After the confrontation indirectly causes a huge fight between nearly everyone in the gym, Mia gives up to avoid any further problems. Manny would've quit as well but Mia convinces her that the power squad needs her.

Captain Darcy and new squad member Peter get some dangerous ideas on how to raise money for the new uniforms. Darcy and Peter decide to sell revealing photos of Darcy online but their ideas make Manny doubtful. Manny tells them to stop the pictures, as it is creepy, but Darcy doesn't listen.

When Craig returns to Toronto in "What it Feels Like to Be a Ghost", Manny notices a different Craig, not her same boyfriend — but she soon comes across the reason behind his strange behavior — he was doing coke. Because she wanted to continue her relationship with Craig and fit in better with his new friends, Manny begins to use cocaine with Craig.[31]

Eventually, Manny is tired of Craig picking his addiction over her and breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Ellie is determined to stay by Craig's side so when Craig gets a spot opening for Taking Back Sunday, Ellie thinks Craig will finally quit. However, Craig tires to manipulate Ellie's feelings for him into her giving him more cocaine. Disgusted, Ellie leaves him with his drugs and Craig nearly overdoses before he realizes he has a problem. He soon agrees to enter therapy at Calgary.[32]

Manny tries to get over Craig, and uses Liberty's birthday as an excuse to throw a party. Emma agrees, thinking only a few people will show up but more people show up than expected. As Manny flirts with a new guy, Damian at the party, J.T. is stabbed fatally. She was one of the first people to find out about his passing, along with Emma, Toby, Liberty, and Sean, and she is seen to break down the worst when told that he was gone. In the aftermath of his death, Manny feels extreme guilt, blaming herself as the party was her idea.[33]

After the murder of JT, Manny's parents decide to reconcile with her after realizing that life was too precious and short to hold a grudge against their own child, and they want her to move back home, possibly because of what happened at Emma's house. That situation briefly created a problem for Emma, Sean, and the rest of the school. They all objected to Manny dating a boy that attended the same school as the boy who killed JT. At least for the time being, Emma and Manny are on good terms and still the best of friends.

Season 7

Manny learns that Peter and Darcy have become an item. Manny lets Darcy know that she is fine with the fact that her friend is dating one of her past enemies. When Manny convinces Darcy to go on a snowboarding trip with her, Darcy invites Peter. While at the resort, Jane tells Darcy and Manny about a party that is going to be held. Manny and Darcy decide to go. After Darcy insults Manny, by telling her that she has no morals or self-respect, Manny leaves Darcy at the party where she is raped.[34] Manny, thinking that her and Peter willingly had sex, tells Darcy that every girl is entitled to a secret. Soon, word gets out through the school. Then, the Friendship Club finds out and takes Darcy's abstinence ring away. After a bit, Darcy tells Manny that she did not have sex with Peter, but someone else at the party, whom she could not remember, raped her and that she had contracted chlamydia. Manny then tells Darcy she has to tell somebody.[35]

After Manny learns that Darcy was raped, Manny is there to help her and comfort her. One day during Spirit Squad practice, Manny notices Darcy isn't there. She decides to check the showers for her and finds Darcy fully clothed in the shower with her wrist cut open. Manny grabs a towel and tells Darcy to put pressure on it while she dials 911. At the hospital, Peter and Manny talk about how Peter wants to tell Darcy's parents, but Manny tells him not to because rape victims need to heal at their own pace. When Darcy's mother comes up to her and asks why her perfect daughter would try to kill herself, Manny keeps it a secret, knowing that Darcy needs to tell them in her own time. At the end of the premiere, Manny and Peter get Darcy's abstinence ring back for her and Manny tells her that her rape did not count as sex.

When Degrassi and Lakehurst merged schools, Manny and Damien were reunited. The two haven't spoken much since the falling out at the cheer competitions and Manny decides to give their relationship another shot. That is until her personal beliefs begin to conflict with Damien's. She believed that it was best to combine the school clubs, while he thought it was better to keep the schools separate. Their relationship doesn't hold up, and they agree to be friends. Damien jokes that it's just because he's black, which Holly J. happens to overhear. Rumors begin to spread that Manny is a racist, but she has Damien clear up the confusion.

In "We Got the Beat", Manny is turning 18 and her parents are throwing her a traditional Filipino party to celebrate her becoming an adult. Manny is angry that her parents, especially her father Joseph, won't let her make her own choices, such as an acting career. When she accidentally causes some minor damage to her father's car — only the passenger's side headlight — she goes to Jay for help, and he comes through. With that, she enlists Jay's help in trying to make her parents call off the party. This backfires when Manny's parents love Jay despite that he was expelled from school and is 2 or 3 years older than Manny. This is because Jay is doing well as a mechanic, and his boss is teaching him to run a business. At her debut, she decides to prove to her parents she is a good actress and pretends that she and Jay are dating and that she is going to become a maid instead of going to University. Her father gets mad at her, but Manny tells him she was acting which makes him realize she has a gift and decides to let her become an actress, but insists that she pursue an education. They both compromise when she proposes going on to college with a major in Theater but keeping science as a minor. Manny is happy and the episode ends with her and her father dancing. Her mother winds up dancing with Jay. Interestingly enough, Manny never said anything about her relationship with Jay being an act.[36]

After beginning a relationship with Manny, Jay kisses Manny in front of her door after a date and her father catches them. As an excuse, Manny tells her father they were celebrating their engagement. The next day, Jay gives her a fake diamond ring, as if it were her engagement ring.

Jay helps Manny for an upcoming audition at Smithdale, but after a fight, he gives her a DVD of them making out instead. When Manny realizes Jay switched the tapes, she tries to audition without it, but she stumbles when she sees Jay sitting in the back row of the auditorium, causing her to not get accepted into the university. She then tells Jay the ring and the fake engagement means nothing to her and throws the ring on the floor. Soon after she is given another chance and is accepted into the university. She then suggests to Jay that they give the engagement another shot "for real" when she is told of everything Jay did in order to help her get another chance. They meet up at a Purple Dragon concert, where Craig played. Manny seemed to have realized her relationship with Craig had been a 'puppy love', since Craig only took her as a 'substitute' every time Ashley left.[37]

When Manny decides she wants to meet Jay's parents, Jay tells Manny his parents had been deported to Malta and that, since he was born in Canada, he decided to stay behind. Manny then realizes that Jay is taking their engagement seriously upon learning that her ring has a real diamond. At a school dance, Manny shows Jay tickets to Malta and tells him she really wants to meet his parents... until she finds out Jay lied about his parents living there. They start to argue and Manny wonders why he lied. Jay then discovers Manny doesn't have her ring on and he realizes she sold the ring to get plane tickets for Malta. He then tells Manny the ring was really special to him because it belonged to his mother, who died when he was little.

The day after, they run into each other while attempting to call the other. They decide to tell each other the truth, so Jay tells Manny what happened with his parents. After his dad got with a third wife, Jay felt like he chose her over him, so he made a scene at his dad's wedding and then lost touch. Manny and Jay decide they would always tell each other the truth and reconcile.

While Jay is upset with Manny for selling his mother's ring, Manny attends an auction to try to sell the Malta tickets, but they end up buying them back. After Jay and Manny have a fight, Jay breaks into the pawn shop and steals back the ring. He then gives it to Manny the following day. While Manny is happy about this, she later learns that Jay stole the ring from the pawn shop. Manny later confronts Jay about this, and after an argument and the exchange of words, the couple separates.

Near graduation Manny receives a call from her agent offering her to play a starring role in Westdrive. Excited to finally have a chance in stardom she accepts the role. After realizing that the time of the shooting will take at least 6 months, conflicting with her school time she is forced to choose whether to pursue the role or start school. After a few encouraging words from her father knowing she'll make the right decision, she tears up her contract with Emma and is able to go to Smithdale after all.

After hearing that Liberty and Damien hook up during Senior Prom, Manny tells off Liberty not to tell anyone especially Emma until after graduation. When Toby finds out, everyone shortly does leaving Liberty friendless until she delivered her valedictorian speech. Her speech reminded everyone the importance of friendship and how all these years meant to her, making her reconcile with her friends. She finally graduates with her class at the end of season 7, with Emma, Liberty, Toby, Jimmy, Spinner, and Damien. Then Manny, Emma, Liberty, and Toby go to J.T.'s Memorial at school and put his graduation hat next to his picture.

Season 8

Manny ends up sharing a dorm with Liberty Van Zandt, Emma Nelson, and a guy named Kelly Ashoona at Smithdale University.[38] She had a short crush on Kelly. Manny is now seen doing a lot of Yoga. Not much is known about her relationship with Jay Hogart at this time but we do know that he still loves her.

In Degrassi Goes Hollywood, it is revealed that Manny had begun a relationship with her Drama teacher, Mick, who in fact turns out to be very controlling and lowers her confidence in her acting skills. While at Smithdale, Manny attends a seminar where Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith discuss their plans for a movie about Jason's life in high school called "Mewesical High". The duo recognize Manny in the crowd and insist that she audition for the role of Jasons's old high school crush in the movie. At first Manny is excited and is encouraged by her friends to audition. However, just moments before her audition, Mick calls her and "warns" her how she is not ready for a movie like this. After the conversation with Mick, Manny fails miserably at her audition. After much bitter sulking with her failed audition, her breakup with Mick, along with learning that Paige got the part, Manny is encouraged again by Kevin Smith to go to Los Angeles and try to win back the role she so rightfully deserves. So, Jay, Manny, Mia, Peter, Danny, and Sav drive to Los Angeles so Manny and the Studz can get the role in the movie. While on the trip, Jay begins to see how much Manny's confidence in her acting has changed due to her relationship with Mick. Jay tries to help Manny regain confidence when they pit stop at a bar and she sings "Crash My Party" with the Studz with Jay on drums. Immediately after, Manny becomes more determined to head to Hollywood even if she has to walk.

Meanwhile, after Paige got the role, she was later turned down for acting too much like a diva and being disrespectful. Manny then gets the role after performing for Jason "Life is a Show." She begins filming with her co-star in a scene where she sings "One Saturday Night Away." Before Jay returns home, Manny gets back together with Jay and he states that he'll be there when she gets back, and they share a passionate kiss.[39]

Season 9

Manny appears with Emma in the opening credits of this season.

Manny is mentioned by Bruce the Moose in the Season 9 mini, Good Times, where he reminds Spinner of all his past relationships with Paige, Manny, Darcy, and Jane.

Manny returns in Close To Me as a lovey dovey girlfriend with Jay. And is now friends with Jane because of Facebook. When, Jane tells Manny about Declan and how she likes him, Manny gives Jane advice. She gives her some advice on leaving Spinner for Declan, if she really likes Declan more than Spinner. After, her and Jay go to Spinner's new apartment party. When, Jane's attempt doesn't work she goes back to Manny for advice. Manny's secondary advice was to stay with Spinner because he is good to Jane and does a lot for her. Jane cheats on Spinner but stays with Spinner.

It is revealed in Holiday Road that Manny went back to Hollywood to pursue in her career as an actress, making Emma feel lonely with her friends gone (Liberty joined a sorority and Emma and Kelly broke up).

During the summer of Degrassi Takes Manhattan, she returns to see everyone again, and is encouraging Emma throughout the movie.


  • Craig Manning
    • First Relationship
      • Start Up: Should I Stay or Should I Go? (3.07)
      • Broke Up: Holiday, Part 2 (3.12)
        • Reason: Manny finds out Craig didn't break up with Ashley as he said he had.
    • Second Relationship
      • Start Up: Accidents Will Happen, Part 1 (3.14)
      • Broke Up: Accidents Will Happen, Part 2 (3.15)
        • Reason: Manny got an abortion against Craig's wishes.
    • Third Relationship
      • Start Up: Weddings, Parties, Anything (5.05)
      • Broke Up: What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?, Part 2 (6.10)
        • Reason: Craig chooses cocaine over Manny.
  • Sully
    • Start Up: U Got the Look (3.03)
    • Broke Up: Should I Stay or Should I Go? (3.07)
      • Reason: Sully only used her because of her looks.
  • J.T. Yorke (deceased)
    • Start Up: Our House (3.21)
    • Broke Up: Mercy Street (4.04)
      • Reason: Manny believes JT is too immature.
  • Gavin 'Spinner' Mason
    • Start Up: Bark At The Moon (4.13)
    • Broke Up: Eye of the Tiger (4.16)
      • Reason: Manny finds out Spinner was behind Jimmy's brutal attack in the school shooting.
  • Damian Hayes
    • First Relationship
      • Start Up: Rock This Town (6.11)
      • Broke Up: If You Leave (6.13)
      • Reason: Things between them fizzled after the feud between Degrassi and Lakehurst.
    • Second Relationship
      • Start & Broke Up: Love is a Battlefield (7.03)
        • Reason: The two had different beliefs on how to handle their schools.
  • Jay Hogart
    • First Relationship
      • Start Up: We Got The Beat (7.07)
      • Broke Up: Bust A Move, Part 1 (7.13)
        • Reason: Jay was treating their fake engagement as if it was real.
    • Second Relationship
      • Start Up: Bust A Move, Part 2 (7.14)
      • Broke Up: Ladies' Night (7.20)
        • Reason: Jay goes back to his "bad ways" by stealing the ring from the pawn shop.
    • Third Relationship


Linda Schuyler, creator of the series, said that "Accidents Will Happen", the episode dealing with Manny's pregnancy and abortion as one of her top 10 favorite episodes of the entire series.[40] Tim Goodman of the San Francisco Chronicle said the pregnancy episodes lived up to "the show's history of bold topic choices" but reported that the N was "not showing those episodes."[41]


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